1 A.M Study Session 馃摎 - [lofi hip hop/chill beats]

  • Lofi Girl
    Lofi Girl

    Listen to 2 A.M Study session here : pleyes.info/port/wideo/3XSIeoXRdpvLc24

    • BEL LA
      BEL LA

      its literally 2:30 and im studying and thats really helpful so thank u

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      Giuli Vidi

      @KristiWisty tygo tu b

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      My Study Life

      @Lofi Girl hi lofi girl. I just have a request, please accept. Plz make a 12 am study session too. Your channel is awesome 馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅. Already subscribed

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      Saven Studies


    • Jeffrey & Iris groningenweeda
      Jeffrey & Iris groningenweeda

      This is realy good music

  • 膼岷 V农 膼脿o
    膼岷 V农 膼脿o

    t么i 膽岷縩 膽芒y v矛 膽峄峜 b峄 LN s峄憂g c霉ng em k岷

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    Albert Erickson

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    Nigel Bravo

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    losa angelas

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    nofukks 鈾

    sup bitches, i just dropped the song + animation for my song "dead town" on my youtube! It's about struggle, the hood i grew up and doing lsd. check it out and add it to yo playlist if u feel me :***

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    Seanecho Armando

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  • 06 - Endilia Puteri
    06 - Endilia Puteri

    i'm so sad.

  • guerschom kitoka
    guerschom kitoka

    the track is slick and is great to study with

  • DiscoNilly

    Im so proud its 4 am rn and i got an A+ after studying i just got the results now in my email 馃槆

    • DiscoNilly

      @space potato ok!

    • space potato
      space potato

      congratulation!! keep it on ;D

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    Hyped Slots

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    Millner Marrys

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    beats hit different when your tryin to study eng

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    Marjorie Jenkins

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    Grace Chai

    very good

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    Vishal Adhikari

    Studying at 2 pm still listening this

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    Esteban Estrada

    what is she writing?? 'oh, the other playlist, note note note' d-.-b

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    Laura Powell

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    Cat_Meme Guy

    Contents: Before you even know it your parents stormed in and telling you why you're not asleep XD Me: ;-; HEY! GET OUT OF MY ROOM DON'T YOU SEE I'M DOING MY H.W parents: Yea but in 1 am Me: LiStEn To Da MuSiC........

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    London Stallings


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    Patrick Garcia

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    Rifa Nurul

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    Camille Calma

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    Ray Lee

    Dislikes are from the people that didn't get their HW done ;(

    • Ray Lee
      Ray Lee

      @melodicxvibes LMAO YESS

    • melodicxvibes

      nerp they're from being so happy and vibing so much that they hit the wrong button

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    guiseppe kirwan

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    Abdullah Saqib

    why does this guy has 8 million sub

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    Dynell Walton

    Physics homework at 2am Its a sad life :(

  • ThatGuyJake

    i like this burhhhh

  • A谈n谈n谈e谈M谈a谈r谈i谈e谈i谈n谈p谈l谈u谈t谈o谈

    Huh finished 馃サ

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    richard lopez

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  • Parker

    Yess, started to rain out here while listening to this. Gonna go enjoy the rain outside馃挅

  • 1-UP KING
    1-UP KING

    These tunes saved my LIFE in high school

  • Julian Ethan
    Julian Ethan

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  • Anushree

    Me: enjoying the music while studying. Random naykaa add: pops up with loud drumset sound 馃槶馃槶

  • The Deb
    The Deb

    Hey guys how are you all? It has been over a month I have stopped writing my journal after day 37. I felt very sick at that time and after little recovery I thought of stopping involving my mind in PLeyes writings to take rest. I and my mom also changed our old house and shifted to a new, better house. I am also much better now. I was getting criticized by many people because I failed to score good marks in one of my exam last month. So I had to bear the mocks of all criticizers. Today guys i have another huge exam in which I scored highest. So literally I am very happy today. Our new house is much better. And guys, there is a family next door to my house in which lives a girl. I have seen her from back and she looks very beautiful but I haven't seen her face. So waiting for the day I will see her face. And guys I will start a new life from September, forgetting all that happened in past. And see you all then. And did you missed me guys?

  • Sharran Paramesvaran
    Sharran Paramesvaran

    Thanks for this video I studied one hour without strees

  • Joyce Antunes
    Joyce Antunes

    脷nica brasileira aqui??

  • alex ramirez
    alex ramirez

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  • Bethany Brighton
    Bethany Brighton

    currently studying math and this is giving of some vibes rn

    • Ashlee Dillon
      Ashlee Dillon

      sameee, and im currently studying maths

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    Joseph Russo

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    Phung Duy Khiem

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    This actually makes me wanna study

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    Niyati Chhabra

    why am i waiting for the cat to jump out? help 馃槶

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    Chris Crapo

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  • Amer Mh
    Amer Mh

    is she studying from spitfy, wtf?


    Like who can tell me how creative the art is and how the music with the light it鈥檚 like I am there but the weird thing that I can feel the wind by my mind and heart so cool 10/10

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    matthew ramirez

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  • Feo

    that cat finna die bro


    ok i'm fine

  • Shotty

    Did he actually changed his name? Chilledcow waa better

  • Vishal Adhikari
    Vishal Adhikari

    Relaxing as fuckk

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    Astrow PH


  • jiang xiuwen
    jiang xiuwen

    This is my favorite. Love this.

  • Jess Crooks
    Jess Crooks

    Big Minecraft rainy day vibes lol

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    Elaine Lee

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  • Gabe

    to bad going here at 7:11 pm!

  • MindSet Priority
    MindSet Priority

    Whoever reads this... you are perfect just the way you are and you are right where you're supposed to be. The Universe loves and cares for you, there is no reason for worry

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    Silvia Stroman

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  • Jill Barnett
    Jill Barnett

    i want this with no music so bad.... Is that possible ? like the asmr thing that was for 10 seconds like ugh- satisfaction!

    • Jill Barnett
      Jill Barnett

      @Samar Preet Singh hahha not what i meant, like asmr sounds, and maybe lighter music lol

    • Samar Preet Singh
      Samar Preet Singh

      Simply mute

  • chris medlen
    chris medlen

    I鈥檓 probably the only one exercising , but whatever you are trying to accomplish or reach, I will always support you. Even after you get to it. Everyone may not be there for you, but that doesn鈥檛 mean there will never be. Go accomplish you dreams, bud. I believe in you.

  • 袣懈褉懈谢谢 袦懈褌褉芯褎邪薪芯胁
    袣懈褉懈谢谢 袦懈褌褉芯褎邪薪芯胁

    Hi people! I love this, I m relaxing in this time, thanks))))


    Maaaan looking for music to accompany me while reading. Padayon to all students who's under online classes rn.

  • Shubham Banerjee
    Shubham Banerjee

    Anybody in July 2021 馃ぉ鉁岋笍

  • Paul Boby
    Paul Boby

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    • Paul Boby
      Paul Boby


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  • kawa


  • Guacamole

    Everything on this channel is great, but this is definitely my favorite of them all! so good

  • Dylan Siow wen yong (Bendemeerss)
    Dylan Siow wen yong (Bendemeerss)

    Thanks alot man

  • saad kamran
    saad kamran

    pov: you just stopped doing your work and you are going through the comment with the music still on

  • Feren Fresilia
    Feren Fresilia

    Currently doing my math, road and bridge construction essay assignment:)

    • LayLow2022

      @San Nguy峄卬 thank you 鉂わ笍

    • San Nguy峄卬
      San Nguy峄卬

      @LayLow2022 thank you so much 馃グ. Wish you will be happy and pass your exam

    • LayLow2022

      @San Nguy峄卬 I wish you the best of luck too and lots of love 鉂わ笍

    • San Nguy峄卬
      San Nguy峄卬

      Same , I'm also doing my last semester law essay assignment 馃槀

    • LayLow2022

      @Feren Fresilia Thank you , same to you i wish you all the best in the world and be safe from COVID and study hard and pass , I believe in you , love you lots , enjoy the rest of you day and I wish you all the most love and best in the world 鉂わ笍

  • Esther Sam
    Esther Sam

    _ ok, but can we seriously take a moment to appreciate that this video doesn't have ads..like frl_

  • Max Ryan
    Max Ryan

    Study girls boba tea 馃嵉 ain't getting drank so it's mine now馃拝馃槍鉁

  • 袣芯谢芯屑褘褑械胁 袗褉褌褢屑
    袣芯谢芯屑褘褑械胁 袗褉褌褢屑

    袧懈褕褌褟泻, 写谢褟 锌芯写谐芯褌芯胁泻懈 泻 袝袚协 褋邪屑芯械-褌芯.

  • mr.P

    Hello everyone, guys, I thought that this channel is hosted by one beatmaker, and there are 40 of them! heh heh but I must admit it is very talented!

  • 33 S Varshitha
    33 S Varshitha

    the vibes are real

  • ZanyPigeon

    Stop looking through the comments continue studying!

    • LayLow2022

      Thx you helped me with your comment

  • 鈥iguel Abrantes鈥
    鈥iguel Abrantes鈥

    These musics are so cool and relaxing 馃摎馃幖

  • study with me - Rohit chaudhari
    study with me - Rohit chaudhari

    study with me - Rohit chaudhari

  • Kyouka Jirou銇点仱銈屻伕銈
    Kyouka Jirou銇点仱銈屻伕銈

    This was vibe, I loved the songs and I finished! This kinda made me sleepy though 鈽

  • Alex Segreti
    Alex Segreti

    the first song is my favorite, but they're all so amazing

  • Ansaxx 鈾
    Ansaxx 鈾


  • YAP RUI EN Moe
    YAP RUI EN Moe

    It鈥檚 12 am rn and I鈥檓 supposed to be in bed but I can鈥檛 sleep so I read a bed time story for myself :)

    • 隆!H忙DPhon膾 脝ctoR!隆
      隆!H忙DPhon膾 脝ctoR!隆


  • sony le
    sony le

    No no

  • Beepest Beeper
    Beepest Beeper

    I remember when this came out it was so fun wow haven't said that in a while r.i.p the past

  • Ruby R
    Ruby R

    I have exam the day after tomorrow and i have not finished studying yet ... I hope taking full mark 鉂わ笍

    • LayLow2022

      I wish you the best of luck I鈥檓 also currently studying for my exams now

  • 丨賱賲 賮鬲丕賴
    丨賱賲 賮鬲丕賴

    噩賲賷賱 噩丿丕.. 賴賳丕賰 賲賳 賷賳丕賲 賰賷 賷丨賱賲 賵賴賳丕賰 賲賳 賷爻鬲賷賯馗 賱賷丨賯賯 丕賱丨賱賲 馃憠馃徎鉂

  • 丨爻賷賳 丕賱噩賵乇丕賳賷
    丨爻賷賳 丕賱噩賵乇丕賳賷

    賵賷賳 丕賱爻丕丿爻賷賵賳 ... 賲丕 亘賯賴 卮賷 毓賱賶 丕賱丕賲鬲丨丕賳丕鬲

  • Val茅rio Augusto
    Val茅rio Augusto