[ANIMATIC] Heart of Stone-Six the Musical
Took me long enough for a 5-minute animatic in Kinemaster.

I enjoy the process of making and
I hope you guys enjoy watch every second of it too💕

School projects gave me a burn-out,but finally was able to manage-

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Edit: I asked for symbolism analysis, some wonderful peeps got it😁

  • gachamoon _Xx
    gachamoon _Xx

    **sniff*.....WHO CUT THE DAMN UNIONS?!!!!*


    *People in the background* Jane: Shush! this is my solo UWU

  • Meta Noriaki
    Meta Noriaki

    When he didnt have pupils its scared the life out of me

  • Mustafa Çamur
    Mustafa Çamur

    1.56 STAR BUTTERFLY?!!

  • Ashuri_Yen

    Am I the only one who saw adventure time, avatar and other characters behind the window and under the snow at 1:23

  • The Hogwarts Christmastree
    The Hogwarts Christmastree

    This song breaks me every time

  • Aura Sweet
    Aura Sweet

    I'm of the firm belief that by the end of the song, she isn't singing about Henry at all. It's a love song to Edward, her son.

  • Aurora_ XD
    Aurora_ XD

    1:54 has anyone noticed Star from Star vs the forces of evil

  • Nico Martin
    Nico Martin

    I get strong Katara vibes. I dont know why

  • Shastalee Williams
    Shastalee Williams

    im trying s hard not to cry oh my goooood

  • Honey Shortcake
    Honey Shortcake

    Is that- Is that Star Butterfly!??

  • Rose1244

    she is looking kinda like inko midoriya, looking, story. I LOVE IT. it's my favorite song

  • aquatic animations
    aquatic animations

    i like how the song refers to the four main elements when the fire burns and the winds has blown when the water dries youll still find stone fire=fire wind=air water=water stone=earth

  • marceline the vampire queen
    marceline the vampire queen

    Jane is truly the only one Henry loved because she did the one thing no one else did gave him a male heir and she didn't have to die

  • Iceria Hikari
    Iceria Hikari

    Aang, Finn and Jake, what are you doing in 1:23?

  • Bean Datsme
    Bean Datsme

    I can't find anyone talking about this 1:53

  • Jazmin Taylor
    Jazmin Taylor

    This song just gave me a whole Wattpad story

  • Jazmin Taylor
    Jazmin Taylor

    If they had tapes or cds I’d say this is the song you sing for your child when you know your dieing so they can play it while going asleep as they grow up

  • Jazmin Taylor
    Jazmin Taylor

    This is just too beautiful

  • Eva Overbach
    Eva Overbach

    did anyone else see adventure time Finn and Jake and Avatar Ang? 1:21

  • Karolina732

    Oh noooo, last scene reminds me of Eliza's from Hamilton :(

  • Ryan's Willow Tree
    Ryan's Willow Tree

    Everyone is saying Henry is handsome and skinny because Jane never lived long enough to see his bad side, AND gave him a son, But in fact, Henry was indeed handsome before Jane died. When she died, he apparently fell into depression and started gaining weight, leading to the King Henry the eighth we know.

  • Lena Menezes
    Lena Menezes

    I love Jane's voice so much!! Shes my favorite!!

  • Raizel Ece Fulgencio
    Raizel Ece Fulgencio

    1:52 lol starfire in the crowd

  • Kayla Christie
    Kayla Christie

    Is no one gonna talk about 1:55. I mean why is Star there?

  • Optimal Jo
    Optimal Jo

    Came for O’Dimm, stayed for the Musical.

  • CaRrOT

    Adventure time in 1:20 I feel like every video has an easter egg

  • Rowan Han
    Rowan Han

    at 1:22 is that Aang in the window???

  • Summer


  • Красная  мышь
    Красная мышь

    Idk why, but i want a mashup of wait for it/heart of stone 😅

  • Anna Don
    Anna Don

    You've got a good heart But I know it changes A restless tide, untamable You came my way, and I knew a storm could come too You'd lift me high, or let me fall But I took your hand, promised I'd withstand Any blaze you blew my way 'Cause something inside, it solidified And I knew I'd always stay You can build me up, you can tear me down You can try but I'm unbreakable You can do your best, but I'll stand the test You'll find that I'm unshakeable When the fire's burnt When the wind has blown When the water's dried, you'll still find stone My heart of stone You say we're perfect A perfect family You hold us close, for the world to see And when I say you're the only one I've ever loved I mean those words truthfully But I know Without my son your love could disappear I know it isn't fair, but I don't care 'Cause my love, will still be here You can build me up, you can tear me down You can try but I'm unbreakable You can do your best, but I'll stand the test You'll find that I'm unshakeable When the fire's burnt The wind has blown The water's dried, you'll still find stone My heart of stone Soon I'll have to go I'll never see him grow But I hope my son will know He'll never be alone 'Cause like a river runs dry And leaves it's scars behind I'll be by your side 'Cause my love Is set in stone Yeahhh (You can build me up, you can tear me down) (You can try but I'm) Unbreakable (You can do your best, but I'll stand the test) (You'll find that I'm unshakeable) The fire's burnt The wind has blown The water's dried, you'll still find stone My heart of stone Can't break me Can't break me Stone Can't break me Can't break me Stone Can't break me You'll still find stone My heart of stone

  • alicia huang
    alicia huang

    i hate him so badly

  • Anai Byun
    Anai Byun

    Did no one notice the adventure time reference?

  • Epic Pom Pom 33 Art Gacha Music
    Epic Pom Pom 33 Art Gacha Music

    1:11 god is this elsa or jane Seymour-

  • Ross McCord
    Ross McCord

    This song makes me wanna cry into a tub of ice cream!

  • Metanoia

    Okay, I never saw the chibi Catherine and Anne at 2:22 till now...adorable!

  • David Salome
    David Salome

    1:55 IS THAT STAR BUTTERFLY????!!!!?!?!?? WHERE IS MARCO?!?!?

  • PanPanda

    can we appreciate how good the drawing is

  • Quintin de Jong
    Quintin de Jong

    The hug at the end was so beautiful. Mother meets son again. Now the can live for every together

  • vince montague
    vince montague

    She literally passed before she pissed him off. Seriously. They were married only I believe a year and a half before she passed. Fun fact they got married a day after Anne passed.

    • vince montague
      vince montague

      @Amelia Kratzke I say passed because I think it’s more respectful. Idk. Died is more harsh to me

    • Amelia Kratzke
      Amelia Kratzke


  • tulio pinheiro coelho
    tulio pinheiro coelho

    Star vs the force of evil 1:54

  • Omniyah Boukaa
    Omniyah Boukaa

    OK that’s nice but is anyone going to talk about why Finn and Jake with Aang from avatar is in the background

    • Omniyah Boukaa
      Omniyah Boukaa

      @Amelia Kratzke 1:25

    • Amelia Kratzke
      Amelia Kratzke


  • Ashley Armstrong
    Ashley Armstrong

    Was that Star Butterfly?

  • Lali Newman
    Lali Newman

    Am I the only one the saw starbutterfly? In the crowd

  • Caca

    When you realize ur crying about characters that are like 200 year older than the country you live in

    • It's Nicolly
      It's Nicolly

      in 1500 Brazil was "discovered", while all of SIX were being born 😶

    • It's Nicolly
      It's Nicolly


  • Jupiter_Guardian

    1:21 Wait is that adventure time and Aang in the windows?? And Jane Seymore kinda looks like Katara 🤔

  • Buckbeak & Hedwig Gaming/Vlogging
    Buckbeak & Hedwig Gaming/Vlogging

    Hi don't mind me im just literally recreating niagara falls with my tears


    1:54 is that star from star vs the forces of evil lol?

  • RandomSounds0-0

    tears just tears

  • Marl Dominic Gilacan
    Marl Dominic Gilacan

    I'm literally crying sge deserves more 😭

  • sayhellotozo

    this truly does bring a few tears to my eyes-

  • JJ R
    JJ R

    Jake and finn in the window though 🤫🤫

  • minaivrse

    I can't believe I got emotional from a animation since I remember the song now Ive been crying since I was 40 seconds in the animation. Wow, Good job creator for making this animation it's a masterpiece to the SIX fans.

  • Marshamallow💖

    1:55 *Gasp* I have found an “Easter Egg”! The girl w the horns and hearts on her cheeks, is that Star from SVTFOE???

  • Kim_Lil _Mochi
    Kim_Lil _Mochi

    1:54 yall didnt notice star here tho

  • Vest0609

    I choked up and almost cried when I watched this...this was an amazing, georgeous, heart-wrenching beautiful animatic to go along with this song! 10/10!!!❤❤💙💙💜💜😁😄😄😄

  • Lil’ Lumi
    Lil’ Lumi

    Eliza is that you?

  • oui

    Here I am crying at 2am~

  • E T
    E T


  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson

    But was this her talking about being strong in her relationship with Henry, or about how even in death her son will always have her heart and the resistance she would have had to stand by her son?

  • Baguette Child
    Baguette Child

    Ok, fr tho, this is tragic. She still loves him after all he's done and she just ditched him. I'm crying rn its so fricking sad

  • Oliwia-ANTC

    In my opinion it was Henry to carry a serious DNA deffect, which wouldnt allow his sons to keep living. So sad they didnt have this knowledge and women would have been blamed for not giving him a healthy son

  • Skye Oxer
    Skye Oxer

    Lol. 1:55 .... Is that Aaron Burr, And Star! Love this.

  • ThatWolfAria

    the start gives me forrest gump vibes tbh o-o

  • Tunanaentanga

    Not me crying

  • PikachUwU

    1:53 Is that Star Butterfly from Star vs the Forces of Evil?

  • Envious Penguin
    Envious Penguin

    She's like an anime (or any media) protagonist's mom

  • Areej Sohail
    Areej Sohail

    1:55 Star from SVTFOE in the crowd or just me?

  • ellen bird
    ellen bird

    did anyone else realize the cartoon network characters in the window?

  • Soledad Black
    Soledad Black

    _It's almost comic how Jane made me think that Henry really had a good side. Because they're history was likely to The Beauty and The Beast. It make me think that Henry was a motherfucker but it was so in love with Jane that he would try and change for her._ _I do know that he only wanted her for procreating a heir to the throne but i like to think (more likely to dream) that they slowly felled in love and actually love each other so they were really happy about having a son and live happily like a normal family._ _It may be childish or even stupid, but i cannot help but think that she really changed him while she was at his side as his queen._

  • gay

    oh i realized her son died young from a sickness 4:55

  • Emma Clark
    Emma Clark

    thats just sad :(

  • -B00TS-

    The 139 dislikes are Henry viii on different accounts

  • Eve * she, her
    Eve * she, her

    2:23 ... Yes

  • gacha roxie
    gacha roxie

    At 1:53 do I see a Star vs the forces of evil reference? Like I see Star can anyone else?

  • endergirl playz
    endergirl playz

    This is so pretty, Jane deserved better

  • Weeb thing
    Weeb thing

    My favourite song, my favourite wife. I’m learning the song it’s so nice and i think it encourages you to be strong!

  • Ash n' Shameless
    Ash n' Shameless

    Almost shed a tear

  • Citty Reiji Reviews
    Citty Reiji Reviews

    How long did this take. And why haven't you thrown yourself a party for this masterpiece?????

  • Ren Hibari
    Ren Hibari

    Every body saying she doesent deserved death, When in reality she could easly get trated like shit by Henry if she didnt had a son with him, death was more like a bliss, that Way she wont see her beloved Henry trait her like shit like the other wifes. What she didnt deserved was to be with such an asshole.

  • Weebs Anime
    Weebs Anime

    Is that...only me saw Star? Nvm but the animation was awesome!!!

  • Amy WEN [08R08]
    Amy WEN [08R08]

    the fact that haus of holbein is played after this makes me laugh

  • Daniel Ellis
    Daniel Ellis

    4:10 to 4:14- GOOSEBUMPSSSS

  • Gacha Lemony Lem!
    Gacha Lemony Lem!

    This is beautiful, this video captures moments that I didn’t even think was possible

  • Jo Berens
    Jo Berens

    1:55 is that Star Butterfly? edit: wait there are a few times we see cartoon characters, cute!

  • CottonCloud ASMR
    CottonCloud ASMR

    Can someone please explain the story although the animation and lyrics are truly amazing can someone please just explain

  • Suki Grim
    Suki Grim

    Star? Star Butterfly is that you in the crowd!?

  • Jelly Fish
    Jelly Fish

    Henry was said to have been a handsome gentleman before his Jousting accident, I believe some Quotes had said before Jane had died he was a kind gentleman however once she passed from Complications, he began a dark path that we all infamously know.

  • Karamel Popcorn
    Karamel Popcorn

    1:21 in the window is finn and jake from adventure time and i think tom from star vs the forces of evil

  • L O L
    L O L


  • Radhika

    why am i crying

  • Sparrow Cycle
    Sparrow Cycle

    i know i’m a bit late but 1:24 hi aang!

  • Lucy Bays
    Lucy Bays

    why is star buterfly there

  • l .• Sxkura YT •. l
    l .• Sxkura YT •. l

    I- I need to be honest... The drawings of Jane make me think that she looks like my old classmate when they grow up... I- I was absent when she left our school to move away... I miss you Rigel, I was talking about you earlier. I hope you are safe with your family. High hopes for us to meet in the future are present in my heart. By the way Im sorry if I spelt your name wrong.... Its been so long my friend.... We meat at 1st Grade and you left at 3rd Grade...

  • :]

    1:53 damn it Star stop using Marcos magic scissors

  • Official NO
    Official NO

    To henry No

  • shazmin fontan
    shazmin fontan

    1:12 are those adventure time characters DSFOIJN,AMZ

  • *-nozomu-*

    2:30 no hate but the heart is in the other side ✌️

  • AidNotFound

    Wait. Is this Henry? (Keep in mind I never read or saw anything about Henry or the 6 wifes, All I did is watch SiX and studied it V E R Y well.) 2:12 (If so why isn’t he a chonker)

  • Emily Kozak
    Emily Kozak

    Not So Fun Fact: Edward was a Newborn (12 Days old) when his Mother (Jane Seymour) died and Henry Died when Edward was 9. And He died when he was about 15 Years old. Making him One of England’s Youngest and Shortest Ruling Kings... Which Also Means Jane Never got to See her son Grow! Or Watch him succeed as being king. And Henry’s Dream of Having a Son who ruled England never Came Through. And “his” success came into Mary Tudor and Elizabeth Tudor. Instead of the Son he always dreamed of Rip Jane Seymour and Edward VI of England. .