Captain America "Avengers Assemble" Scene - Portal Scene - Avengers : Endgame (2019) Scene

  • jchavez2194

    Wait Dr. strange could have opened a portal and brought everyone home, but while on the ship to titan ask iron man can you fly us home lmao, mind fart 💨

  • Aditya Mundhe
    Aditya Mundhe

    Maharastra in a bharat

  • Aditya Mundhe
    Aditya Mundhe

    I am marathi from maharastra

  • glendepoorter 1
    glendepoorter 1

    Imo the only scene that can ever beat this if there is gonna be anothet scene where all the good guys and villians work together to defeat galactus or kang if it ever comes

  • Pratibha Roy
    Pratibha Roy

    Always, ALWAYS gets The Chills When i see this scene

  • Mysticlez

    Amazing how cap went from skinny, slow, weak, defensless, and slow to The amazing leader of the the Avengers and able to wield Mjolnir and standing up against an army alone. Props to all the actor/actresses and Marvel.

  • J Ko
    J Ko

    Wakanda forever

  • Memes for life.
    Memes for life.


  • Ramon Cloke
    Ramon Cloke

    Earth. In any universe whenever shes in danger she always calls out for her heroes to save the day. I love when cap is struggling to get up thanos has a look like as if hes guilty for putting a truly good man through hell and making him fight to his last breath. Showed me thanos had a heart.

  • Diego Reyna
    Diego Reyna

    R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

  • Legendary 88
    Legendary 88

    Caps last stand would’ve been epic but short lived

  • thevoid99

    this is the kind of scene that the gods of film would've salivated over. ford, hawks, visconti, leone, kurosawa, fellini, bergman, wyler, donner, peckinpah, stevens, kubrick, welles.... this is what they created and would say.... "this is cinema".

  • Dave Lindo
    Dave Lindo

    imagine hela and ancient one being there

  • Levon Degennaro
    Levon Degennaro


  • Musanna Yahya
    Musanna Yahya

    thanos be like WE won cap: Think again Thanos: shit

  • Yvette Mckinzie
    Yvette Mckinzie

    Literally means "I can do this all day!"

  • Dimi’s Randomness
    Dimi’s Randomness

    I can imagine another scene similar to this happening in a future MCU movie

  • Spider Productions
    Spider Productions

    When you realise a teenager with insect powers fought against a literal God

  • YoungReezy DaGoat
    YoungReezy DaGoat

    Even I was in the movies and the black Panther part came on everyone started Screaming it was a cool experience 😇

  • Allen Chapman
    Allen Chapman

    Hopefully we get 2 of these in our lifetime. Long live the MCU!!!!

  • Fakhet Amin
    Fakhet Amin

    Best moment in the film

  • Jamie Mortimer
    Jamie Mortimer

    How many of them really heard Cap saying assemble?

  • Aidan Salas
    Aidan Salas

    No matter how many times I watch this scene I always get goosebumps

  • Ollie B
    Ollie B

    Reminder that this whole movie only happened because a rat stepped on a button

    • Fahriandi Kadir
      Fahriandi Kadir

      Plot twist : kang let the rat stepped on a button so this movie can happen

  • Faizaan Ahmed
    Faizaan Ahmed

    Loki to Thanos:what did you expect

  • Vaibhav Das 9C 12
    Vaibhav Das 9C 12

    More than a mythical scene i have ever watched. And it remains more than mythical in the future too. No one can surpass it

  • Vaibhav Das 9C 12
    Vaibhav Das 9C 12

    Thanos: WHAT THE HECK! I THOUGHT THERE WERE SIX! LOKI I WILL KILL YOU! YOU LIED TO ME! Loki: Uhh....actually i am dead already. You killed me! And maybe they turned to infinite from six. Thanos: WHAT THE......! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

  • Hiallways 123
    Hiallways 123

    The music was rendering in your brain so you are here....

  • SeriousZen

    Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uaaaaaa uaaa uaaa uaaaaaaa uaaaaa uaaaa uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uaa uaaaa uaaa uaaaaaa uaaaaaaaa uaaaaaaaaaaa uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uaaaaaa uaaa uaaa uaaaaaaaaa uaa uaaa uaaaaaaa uaaaa uaaaa uaaaa uaaaaa uaaaaa uaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Kabir Kumar
    Kabir Kumar

    I hated this. Captain America against all of Thanos's forces was such an amazing scene and then they ruined it with this shit

  • Xander Frankenstein
    Xander Frankenstein

    Safe to say this was the greatest hero assemble in cinema history

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    I swear I actually almost cried when everyone was assembling and when Cap said “Avengers Assemble”. It was a masterpiece.

  • 》Gacha Taket BGP《
    》Gacha Taket BGP《

    0:57 "Verilmek istenen mesaj belli oğlum. Ben tek, siz hepiniz, Kaptan tek, siz topunuz, Kısaca AMERİKA TEK! SİZ HEPİNİZ!" Foxtoyveski

  • J hkt
    J hkt

    I watch this scene twice in theater, still give me chill even now. I can’t wait to see this scene but for the upcoming multiverse war!!!!

  • Harneet Kaur
    Harneet Kaur

    goosebumps guys .... literally goosebumps 👾

  • GiannisTPNS

    awesome moving incredible scene that makes you shudder

  • Ritzz Gaming YT
    Ritzz Gaming YT

    Thanos: oh god there are 3000 avengers Tony: I love you 3000

  • Deep edits
    Deep edits


  • Amit kumar
    Amit kumar

    10 year old me arranging black and whites pieces on chess.

  • Qureshi Arsh
    Qureshi Arsh

    Just imagine that you're on your own in a war and suddenly your friends comes to give you a hope...

  • Aniket Anand
    Aniket Anand

    I just want to know what audio device they use to communicate with each other during battle😂

  • RaKsuz _
    RaKsuz _

    Did tony bring his mark army

  • Lionel Jordanchou
    Lionel Jordanchou

    The music is intense

  • D J
    D J


  • jrdnruiz2

    Ant Man punching tf outta that monster is my favorite thing in the entire MCU.

  • Blank White
    Blank White

    What I saw when the Dream SMP members came through the portal to save Tubbo and TommyInnit from Dream.

  • Gabriella Ivanova
    Gabriella Ivanova

    It’s 2021 and this scene God, this scene is still ever so powerful and I’m crying again!

  • Dow3ty

    Whenever Cap says AVENGERS!!!!!.... ASSEMBLE, I ALWAYS SCREAM WITH THOR YEAAAA!!!!!!! This scene NEVER FAILS with getting me hyped asf...

  • KnowledgeBasket

    Avengers making stylish entry Thanos: han ye karlo pehle 😂

  • gor9027

    This amazing scene alone > the entire DCEU

  • gor9027

    This is one of cinema’s greatest moments.

  • Ryan

    I'm just now realizing that Hawkeye is not in the assembly :/

  • Epty Risha
    Epty Risha

    I wish black widow in the final battle

  • Andrew Palmer
    Andrew Palmer

    2:59 my favorite part 😁😁😁🦝

  • Mannuell Juan
    Mannuell Juan

    Cap:Avengers ASSEMBLE Daffy Duck:*appears

  • Dawa Penjor
    Dawa Penjor

    I love that he almost whispers "avengers assemble" instead of the expected yelling.

  • Jean McLeod
    Jean McLeod

    Imagine this. But with Prescott’s speech from gears 2

  • ••

    When I first watched this I thought the movie would be over before they battle and there would be a sequel.

  • Antonio Renteria
    Antonio Renteria

    i feel sorry for the 100 billion people that didnt get to see this scene

  • radio jason
    radio jason

    4:13 so perfect

  • Phantom OG
    Phantom OG

    Wtf is holding spidemans webs GOD?

  • AlphaGenetics

    Where’s the US army at with the M1 Abrams

  • Monky With Troll Hair
    Monky With Troll Hair


  • Radostin Marianov
    Radostin Marianov


  • Rob Kenner
    Rob Kenner

    I said before, and I'll say it again. One of if not the most epic scene in cinematic history.

  • Rob Kenner
    Rob Kenner

    Ok dumb question: How did everyone know to go through the portals that Dr. Strange was conjuring? The amount of coordination to get the the other magic users from the sanctums I get, but the Asgardians, the Wakandans, and all of the other heroes that got erased was massive......

  • Daniel Bokash
    Daniel Bokash

    I wish Stan Lee could have seen this

    • Joshua Willis
      Joshua Willis

      Maybe he did. He still made a cameo in this movie

  • Red Enforcer
    Red Enforcer

    It's not the same without the entire audience screaming in excitement

  • Ayden Coleman
    Ayden Coleman

    3:18 The *best* fucking scene in all of movie history.

  • TreehornJack

    This is one of the sickest battle charges in movie history

  • Infires4Life

    Bruh I still get chills like dam 😂

  • Gunreet Kaur
    Gunreet Kaur

    I wish Natasha Romanoff could also fight with them

  • HedgeOwl Invest
    HedgeOwl Invest

    So unfair.

  • Fariz Nurrahman
    Fariz Nurrahman

    My eyes are watery after watching this. Should I go see a doctor ?

  • Pj Sanre
    Pj Sanre

    I'm still wondering how ebony maw wasn't shown in this scene

  • Angelus Mortis
    Angelus Mortis

    2:42 who is she

  • Alli's production
    Alli's production

    Whenever i watch this movie and then the avengers beat starts playing i swear my whole heart goes faster and i get so pumped and also this scene is the most epic in all avengers ever

  • Alli's production
    Alli's production

    Everyone: iron man was the greatest sacrefise ever Villager number 9: *sad villager noises*

  • Zeus wolf23
    Zeus wolf23

    I love Thor lol “no no give me that.. you have the lil one” 🤣

  • kirtana kumarasen
    kirtana kumarasen

    I got chicken box when listen that background music of avengers. Marvel forever

  • Tejas Mishra
    Tejas Mishra

    2 years later and still get goosebumps as the portal opens

  • Aida Gacha Life
    Aida Gacha Life

    WOW COOl

  • minty

    Absolutely worth the decade of build up.

  • Sachin Verma
    Sachin Verma

    Damn Scott literally defeated a freaking Leviathan in one punch.

  • caped baldy
    caped baldy

    Now we wait another 10 years for another wave of goosebumps😔

  • Abdullah Ali
    Abdullah Ali

    Rip black panther we love you and you are a true hero


    Captain america be like Kyu hila dala na and thanos arrey baba!!

  • Nicholas Biddle
    Nicholas Biddle

    One of the greatest scenes in film history

  • Galimeer5

    0:56 really milking that wallpaper shot

  • Dark

    The amount of chills when we first saw this…

  • Kanden

    I remember being so pumped in the theater when Pepper and Tony beamed up!

  • Lyric Z Central
    Lyric Z Central

    So satisfying to see ant man deck a star whale 😂

  • XS Snow
    XS Snow

    Thor: Nono give me that one u have the small one

  • mahboigoji

    0:28 when the teacher starts crying and you don't know what to do

  • Brian The Boy Genius
    Brian The Boy Genius

    Doctor strange:is that everybody Wong:you wanted more? *Forgets the defenders,the punisher,cloak and dagger,the runaways,agents of shield and Inhumans

  • Vatsal Kothari
    Vatsal Kothari

    Black Panther looking Cap in the eye and appreciating his tenacious will to fight back. The reason why he was the choosen hero to speak the legendary "Avengers Assemble" dialogue is amply clear to us all. Cap is a born leader, through and through.

  • Ryuu Partners
    Ryuu Partners

    Two Years Later and I still get goose bumps from this scene

  • Connor Cobb
    Connor Cobb

    For those of you who are familiar with buzz lightyear of star command: Avengers: We're launching a full scale assault on Thanos.