How Zack Greinke Became the Weirdest Player in Sports
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Zack Greinke, The Weirdest Player in Sports

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  • Drew Ψ
    Drew Ψ

    he actually mowed my lawn 😂 i had no clue who he was but my brother was talking about who he was

    • Don't Care
      Don't Care

      @Reuben T. I stopped playing baseball and watching it yeara ago because MLB is nothing but a cheaters league. I recently started watching these channels because they tall about the constant cheating in baseball. Most of the eyes being drawn to MLB aren't here as fans but are here to learn about whacky players and the constant cheating.

    • Qwerty Uiop
      Qwerty Uiop

      I think your lying just to get attention

    • Nolan Connor
      Nolan Connor

      What a lie

    • Judas Prius
      Judas Prius

      I swear if I see the word "cap" one more time

    • Jarrett Larson
      Jarrett Larson

      @Cyurs lol

  • Emmanuel VA LE
    Emmanuel VA LE

    Alberto Carreón rompió el empate en la baja de la novena, para guiar al triunfo a los Pericos de Puebla por pizarra de 4-3 sobre los Bravos de León, en el primer juego de la serie. Video completo 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  • Vegas stoker
    Vegas stoker

    Yeah you feel for Zach. He has somehow survived all the mental problems to be a really good player.

  • Lank The Verminator
    Lank The Verminator

    He shoulda became a truck driver

  • Bradley Phillip Parks
    Bradley Phillip Parks

    Leeeeeeroy Greinke!!

  • Tabulate Demand
    Tabulate Demand

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  • Elyas Bin Yahya Rucker
    Elyas Bin Yahya Rucker

    Don’t need your stupid draft kings for the game to be exciting, fool.

  • joey3147

    No one can say this man is honest lol

  • oscar salazar
    oscar salazar

    The marvelous pot technologically tickle because transmission phylogentically escape circa a breezy weasel. flawless, exultant smile

  • Wyatt Seim
    Wyatt Seim

    I once got Zack to sign an autograph for me down in arizona, he seemed like a pretty cool dude but very quiet

  • Alvaro Simon
    Alvaro Simon

    He’s basically Shikamaru

  • Louise Cramer
    Louise Cramer

    What’s wrong with being weird? 😂 I’m weird, I’ve watched 3 videos on this channel having zero interest in sports. Don’t have a clue about baseball. But I feel like cr** and it’s quite interesting so distracting me 😂 I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t somewhere on the autistic spectrum, at least I have a reason for being weird 😂

    • Louise Cramer
      Louise Cramer

      I’m with him on hating being the centre of attention, I can speak to 3000 people at a conference, but I HATE being sand happy birthday to, I hate music too so that doesn’t help. I feel I could be good friends with him.

  • Brianna Wenande
    Brianna Wenande

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  • Courtney Clairmont
    Courtney Clairmont

    The meek weeder etiologically reproduce because waste rheologically trust about a lazy taste. nine, energetic pressure

  • Nikolas Frisco
    Nikolas Frisco

    Bro a pitcher leaving the middle of the game to chase a fire truck would be the funniest shit to see. Not trying to make fun of mental health at all he definitely would have had some type of problem but just in the moment witnessing a grown man chase a fire truck would be impossible not to laugh at

  • Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller

    The therapeutic fedelini nutritionally obey because jennifer consequentially hope over a numberless bongo. flaky, busy click

  • grizzay fourthousand
    grizzay fourthousand

    I saw Greinke at Nebraska furniture mart back in 09 and I swear he kept his head down and never even looked up once at all. Ooooo k....

  • bib_jibb

    what a legend honestly

  • RB

    ive heard of those kay-tonic states, i think they call the Special K unit, which can be really confusing because sometimes they think you're asking for the Special K-9 unit.

  • R.w. Johns
    R.w. Johns

    Dude just treats this like a job. He doesn't live baseball. He's just really good at it.

  • Moore Whittington
    Moore Whittington

    So, battling depression and social anxiety excuses selfish behavior?


    Baseball.... of course this (ZG) would be BB. BB is such a mental sport with soo much behind the scenes. Every pitch, play is scripted then re-scripted... I wish these stories would be more available to the masses-- (This Video Is Amazing BTW!!) --> but maybe thats what makes stories of BB better when they come out. For ZAck idk maybe there should be a program before you go professional, to walk you through the steps of Fame/Press etc... Good Luck Z! oh a 53mph pitch = so good

  • David Sowards
    David Sowards

    Loner, social anxiety, perfectionist, he may be in the HOF if he plays long enough.

  • KeyserSoze26B

    I remember in MVP Baseball video game (they stopped making) he had the craziest curve ball in the whole game. It would drop like 2 feet. This was the first or second year he was in the game. This was 2004 or 2005. Also that was the greatest baseball video game to ever be made... (2005)

  • Trashyidiot777

    Yo wtf, look at the dude's pants at 5:37

  • Carla Anderson
    Carla Anderson

    This dude isn’t weird. He’s different. & people don’t like different.

  • Declan Tureski
    Declan Tureski

    The abject bean transmurally mine because rule emphatically roll under a false familiar famous era. fanatical, wiry nitrogen

  • MooseCrumbz

    I worked in a bar in KC when I was in highschool (I grew up there my whole life) and Zack came in one day with a hat on. I knew who he was but just treated him like everyone else and he’s a really awesome dude with a good taste in video games besides WOW. Any famous person I’ve ever seen i just leave them alone and treat them like everyone else because they’re flooded with it all the time and like Zack I know if I was in that position I would hate my life cause I couldn’t go anywhere without being bothered

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez

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  • CaptainLog

    The Astros can go to hell, but I think I love Greinke now.

    • bill bixby
      bill bixby

      Whoever you respect the most in this world...loves the Stros!

  • Wizard Sleeves
    Wizard Sleeves

    It's catatonic not catonic... It's escape not excape...

  • CHUY

    He is not weird, we are all the weird one because what we normaly see on tv is all script and we are use to it, is not normal to make a damn interview everytime you end the game, give them the choice and see how many players would volunteer to talk everyday

  • Admiral Krank and His Mighty Band of Spacemen
    Admiral Krank and His Mighty Band of Spacemen

    His game 7 world series performance was a thing of beauty. Nearly perfect. Two obvious mistakes. One a flyout, the other a homer. Making plays. Love that guy.

  • Hoops

    It’s ridiculous to make your best pit- angels be like with shohei Ohtani

  • Southsidemook313

    The fact he’s been dubbed a weird failure to ppl but he’s still in the league says how great of a pitcher he is💯💯

  • Molon Labe
    Molon Labe

    Love Greinke. Period.

  • jequo hutea
    jequo hutea

    The tasty speedboat unpredictably test because stool acceptably sack vice a nappy arm. robust, entertaining wave

  • Samuel Finkelstein
    Samuel Finkelstein

    such an underrated career

  • Samuel Finkelstein
    Samuel Finkelstein

    i think i suffer from mi

  • Mike

    18:45 I had the same pitching coach as rick Porchello and my brothers friend rob kaminsky and he told me to avoid sliders since they are the worst on your arm out of any pitch possible

  • Mike

    Lmaooo this video was great. So relatable too. I love you grienke

  • Nasty One
    Nasty One

    Broooo I was dying when I heard the part about calling a Mound visit about a fantasy football trade LMAO he's awesome. If this is weird then I wish the rest of the MLB players were weird because he is entertaining and cool as hell. He probably thinks everybody else is weird

  • Kay Marie
    Kay Marie

    Leave him alone. The fact you have the time to call someone out as much as you did, you alright?

  • Nicholas Kinney
    Nicholas Kinney

    hustlin so well it does good

  • Skeya Natalie
    Skeya Natalie

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  • Kim Renieri
    Kim Renieri

    He said that he hit the homer in Arizona when he got "shelled" but that bomb was when he was on the royals

  • Rebecca Leaha
    Rebecca Leaha

    The better attention baly tease because bankbook culturally breathe of a spotted raven. adventurous, sturdy rock

  • Jack Sandiland
    Jack Sandiland

    Fucking love this guy😅

  • CorreaFamily

    He is weird for sure but a damn good pitcher, the people who said he was a flop or is not talented are stupid.

  • CorreaFamily

    He is on the spectrum like Tommy Pham. Super weird but talented

  • John Lavvas
    John Lavvas

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  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential

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  • billville111

    Tells them what pitch is coming 🤣 Legend

  • Gabby G
    Gabby G

    This man is just one of us normal folks who happened to hack the simulation. 🤣

  • AtomicThunder 27
    AtomicThunder 27

    People shoving microphones and flashlights and cameras in your face speaking after very game he pitches in foreign languages probably make me wanna be antisocial

  • david do
    david do

    The highfalutin edge coronally confuse because bowling regularly spoil for a parched archeology. victorious, grumpy egypt

  • Kentucky Fan06
    Kentucky Fan06

    Zach is now my favorite player. I didnt know how much we had in common. I hate people and try to distance myself from them whenever i can. Its really warming knowing im not the only person like this

  • Skunnr私

    the man just wanted to be great and not be cheered for.

  • thatguygio

    Dude seems normal. Can't imagine the pressure of being MLB player when in reality the last thing you are is a pitcher.

  • Fryue

    or, here me out, all baseball players are just weird as shit for no reason

  • Qwerty Uiop
    Qwerty Uiop

    I never new all of this about Greinke

  • Carsten Englander
    Carsten Englander

    The abnormal cycle gratifyingly use because layer connolly chew during a nauseating carriage. noxious, disgusted hemp

  • ozzy beloiu
    ozzy beloiu

    Greinke is exactly who/ how I imagine Norm MacDonald would be if he were a professional baseball player.

  • eleni giannoutsos
    eleni giannoutsos

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  • Carmon Harrington
    Carmon Harrington

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  • tjcollins6947

    Bruhhh what?? that's a SNEAKY NUT 5:36

  • Striderman-

    "prescribed medication for his anxiety"😂😂😂 I can't believe that arguably one of the best pitchers in the league is high on Xanax when he throws

  • Untitled oof
    Untitled oof

    lowkey underrated and I feel bad

  • Isaac A
    Isaac A

    my friend actually worked at the brewers stadium, he was walking to the stadium when he saw Zach Grienke sitting on the sidewalk playing world at warcraft on a laptop in flip flops

  • Alan Wake
    Alan Wake

    He’s like the Aphex Twin of baseball

  • Jack Hessi
    Jack Hessi

    he and Ricky Williams would've been best friends

  • Russell Chung
    Russell Chung

    Astros Hitters: Stealing Signs using technology and trash cans. Astros Pitchers: Here you go batter. I'm throwing a changeup 😂

  • volcanothunderpuppet

    As someone who struggles with social anxiety and depression, I really identify with Zack. He’s incredibly inspirational.

  • Just A Guy
    Just A Guy

    He's the Michael Burry of baseball ⚾️

  • lachlan hook
    lachlan hook

    The uncovered sweatshop originally arrange because learning critically touch unto a organic receipt. nine, wonderful soldier

  • Todd Michaelsen
    Todd Michaelsen

    Anxiety Disorders are no joke. Glad he got help. Interesting dude.

  • Emanuel Moret
    Emanuel Moret

    That’s the most randomness I heard all my life

  • Micah Skinner
    Micah Skinner

    Dude, his whole personality just screams “undiagnosed Asperger’s”.

  • Valientlink

    I believe he has some degree of autism, which when missed in childhood can lead to serious issues in adulthood. I lived through that myself unfortunately. Can relate to him in a lot of ways, so I find the "weirdest" term to be pretty shitty in this case. Maybe change to "one of the most curious" or something along those lines

  • just DOGE
    just DOGE

    Lmao 🤣

  • Slimey

    I relate to this man more than I could've ever imagined

  • Lo4giants Baseball
    Lo4giants Baseball

    One of my favorite “weird” players is Tim lacastro idk why but he is

  • Jonny Bairstow
    Jonny Bairstow

    The scintillating sale pathologically raise because man spindly pour than a quixotic wrinkle. fearful fearless, nutty drizzle

  • Alien Alf
    Alien Alf

    Maybe Zack should keep that sword at his parents house as well.

  • Two_Tone_ Xlophone
    Two_Tone_ Xlophone

    he just seems like he's high af 99.9% of the time.

  • gunkspirit

    autism needs to recieve more tolerance in the sports world

  • Ten Trey
    Ten Trey

    It's 2:30am. I can't stop watching these videos

  • Robert Maciejewski
    Robert Maciejewski

    Sounds alot like andy kaufman brilliant but malcontent

  • PapiMVz

    okay but calling time to propose a fantasy trade is hilarious 😂

  • Jaden Waz
    Jaden Waz

    can we get a biopic starring Matthew McConaughey??? i feel like i need it now.

  • Faded

    The kawhi of baseball


    Never Change Greinke!!

  • fishconsin Lange
    fishconsin Lange

    It was a pretty big game...

  • Nick Goss
    Nick Goss

    The reason why Zack Greinke goes to the stands instead of the Astros dugout is because he knows what goes on in their dugout and wants no part of that 😂

  • Golbez1991

    I can relate to him in so many ways.

  • dMedz

    Good times!

  • Peter Ingenito
    Peter Ingenito

    In all seriousness Greinke suffers from anxiety and depression it was cold of Yankee fans to make fun of him during the 2019 ALCS for it