I decided to speedrun Bloons TD 5 and developed an unbeatable strategy
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Edited by: @The Suited Bird
Watch the world record speedrun here: this video

My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!

  • Rotor Records
    Rotor Records

    BTD6 speeding when?

  • Denied The Lizard
    Denied The Lizard

    I remember my highest score of round 130, my army was so powerful I had to purposely lose.

  • The Real Dark Shadow
    The Real Dark Shadow

    EazySpeezy: *I need a lot of supermonkeys* Also EazySpeezy: *I'm gonna place down two supermonkeys*

  • Eric Allen
    Eric Allen

    I played btd3 in elementary school. What a great throw back

  • Jayloyd23

    You could've actually done sub 19min if you upgrader your monkeys. You were sitting on tons of money

  • joj buttler
    joj buttler

    anyone remember playing BTD5 on round 100 on an iphone 3GS and getting a few frames a minute?


    you should try and speed run BTD5 but getting the hard medal on every map from rank 1 🤔

  • Joshua Delarosa
    Joshua Delarosa

    I found a cheaper way of dealing with round 76 just get a maxed glue monkey with acid glue tier 4

  • Gregory Mirabella
    Gregory Mirabella

    this brings me back to when i was a lil' youngin' with nothing but a 3ds and an ipad at my side.

  • roblox epic dino
    roblox epic dino

    lead balloons: *exist* scientists: hmmmmmm 100% helium

  • RIPtide

    Me on round 121 on medium mode for this

  • Xm Playz
    Xm Playz

    Good map

  • M L
    M L

    I remember playing this on my aunt's laptop, getting to rank 30ish and watching the frame rate tank to ~12 fps bc of all the shit on screen

  • TickingTime

    The monkey sub and bloonchipper were pretty overpowered from what I remember

  • Knut Salte
    Knut Salte

    Yeah im a SIMP! S niper I M onkey P

  • Talha Anwar
    Talha Anwar

    Blind people watching this:

  • OminousShrimp

    Just wondering how you played this, is it on flashpoint? Edit: I'm stupid, it's on steam

  • Masternoob Junior
    Masternoob Junior


  • Lavonia Lauri
    Lavonia Lauri

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  • RyRyGaming25

    Where’s BTD 6 speed run?

  • Zorena Palmer
    Zorena Palmer

    The monkey placement hurts

  • Inferdesu

    Map looks like amogus bean

  • Kendal Panchot
    Kendal Panchot

    I have 1,000's of hours in this game. Glue monkey is much better investment. Glue soak means when when moab's die, the ceramics that drop also are soaked, and with bloon dissolver they die VERY quickly. I created a sandbox game, and upgraded all of them, and glue monkey kills more bloons than any other easily.

  • Andre Gaeta
    Andre Gaeta

    The 6 speedrun draws closer every day.

  • Anonymous

    “Worst comes to worst, some really bad things could happen”

  • Kathryn Atherton
    Kathryn Atherton

    9:46 monkey buncaneer

  • Clone Wars Productions
    Clone Wars Productions

    I'lL tAkE a FrEe WoRlD rEcOrD

  • ThePartyBrooo

    He likes the plane but not the sub??? Whattt


    I've found that the dartling guns ray of doom is ridiculously good. Those + monkey banks, you can get a lot of them set up really fast. They cap at like round 125ish to 130.


    BTD5 is the best one hands down

  • Katarina Reset
    Katarina Reset

    how to get WR: 1. Create a new run 2. Be the only one doing it. 3. Be a legend

  • 21Erin Chavez
    21Erin Chavez

    Theory: he chose sprint track to go f a s t

  • Smarty

    btd6 next

  • StereoGraph

    Instead of not spending the money at the end surely just buying more super monkeys would destroy balloons quicker, making your time quicker?

  • Melyndrome

    What are your thoughts on Three Times Around for this strategy? I assume you picked this one over that one because it's just bigger, but I just wanted to know

  • Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot
    Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot

    This is how I played this every time

  • Jishwa Legion
    Jishwa Legion

    ok but have you considered...three times around

  • Idk ;-;
    Idk ;-;

    2:00 - 2:04 did i heard clash of clans opening?

  • Lugh Williams
    Lugh Williams

    I'm baloons Td

    • Lugh Williams
      Lugh Williams

      Not 5

  • Arif Ramen noodles
    Arif Ramen noodles


  • EllaBrella

    one of those games where the soundtrack is permanently inscribed into my skull

  • CoNica 0702
    CoNica 0702

    What the hell are those subtitles though Its half English half Vietnamiese

  • giggly

    no one: captions: khi den khu vuc chao find me burn my fire game free fire game guardian of the way back come out

  • M Johnson
    M Johnson

    I appreciate the fun you had, but not a speed run.

  • Kerbodynamic X
    Kerbodynamic X

    Is it possible to speed run this?

  • Luchoiscute Gonzalez
    Luchoiscute Gonzalez


  • Amelia O
    Amelia O

    I got to rank 62 before I switched to a phone from an iPad and lost all my progress...

  • Joel Fridolfsson
    Joel Fridolfsson

    I once hade a run go for hours! The phone (iPhone5) got so hot that it would burn you if you held it. I had choppers with healing crates and several golden gods and hundreds of planes.

  • Ryayciw Racmsiw
    Ryayciw Racmsiw

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  • jukesxd


  • Caleb Lovell
    Caleb Lovell

    As an extremely experienced player tho still plays btd5 btd battles and btd6 daily. I killed me to see how much he waist on super monkeys😂 it worked but there are much more cost effective towers

  • CL46

    If you guys wanna play all the old flash Bloons games get the Ninja Kiwi Archive on Steam, its free

  • NiiChanIsYourSenpai

    rip my childhood...

  • Petlop 412
    Petlop 412

    remember when you loved to spam boat? or is just me :/

  • Dominik Pikoń
    Dominik Pikoń

    "That's really gonna help us with all the balloons that are coming out." *My mind:* Bloon pops and turns into a rainbow one saying 'I'm gay'

  • Despereaux Zer
    Despereaux Zer

    why arent you playing bloons td 6

  • nh fw
    nh fw

    The highfalutin streetcar coronally appear because peripheral unequivocally mend over a lazy handsaw. teeny-tiny, literate double

  • Mkc Wright
    Mkc Wright

    Bro everyone saying we used to play this everyone in my skl started played BTD battles again

  • justbread

    I am playing BTD6 now since a year, i think the development from BTD5 to BTD6 is just crazy

  • Alex

    Why is this in my recommended and why am I here watching it

  • Rae Lynn Fisher
    Rae Lynn Fisher

    Yes I am a simp Sniper I Monkey P

  • Oliver James
    Oliver James

    Got this game on my phone and got a meta strategy going after watching Boltrix. Currently on round 161 on medium not got a lot of spare time so progress on it is slow. Awesome game tho 😃

  • Yuri

    damn, that's crazy, I used to play BTD 3 years ago, idk what the newest is now.

  • vukashin xyz
    vukashin xyz

    Beware planet earth speedrun?

  • game buzza
    game buzza

    haha, this reminds me of professional school. We played a lot of TD-games back in the days on armorgames. At that time, all bloons were still free flash-games

  • Ray H
    Ray H

    There is a level leaderboard that shows speed runs done per level like what you just did. Sprint track on hard 1st place time is 11m 41s

  • Troi Java
    Troi Java

    How bout speedrun BT6 mhm

  • cool thingz bruhh
    cool thingz bruhh

    This video must be the best video in the entire PLeyes

  • champagnejoshi

    speedrun 6!

  • Justin Trotzuk
    Justin Trotzuk

    Start the game with the free dart monkey with a free one every 10 rounds, beekeeper, turtle, build 3 farms with a pro farmer, valuable nanners, and brf. I usually end up having a temple at round 60

    • Strììder Eclipse
      Strììder Eclipse

      @Justin Trotzuk yes. Regrow farming is where you use a tornado wizard to endlessly push back a group of regrow bloons, which get pushed back and regrow into multiple bloons. This will allow you to have an infinite supply of bloons. Pair it with something like a Ray of Doom or Ice/Glue/Tack combo and you’ve got infinite cash (infinite round on the flash version).

    • Justin Trotzuk
      Justin Trotzuk

      @Strììder Eclipse re grow?

    • Strììder Eclipse
      Strììder Eclipse

      If you regrow farm you can get a temple as early as 42

  • emerson goddard
    emerson goddard

    Awesome man!!

  • TheeSlippy

    As someone who still plays this game this video hurts my soul.

    • Patrick Höing
      Patrick Höing

      It really does though

  • Sayre Ringuette
    Sayre Ringuette

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  • Kirby With A Knife Is awesome
    Kirby With A Knife Is awesome

    how... how do you speed run a tower defense game

  • Víctor U. MartineZ
    Víctor U. MartineZ

    I'm 15 and I started in the very first game. Hb yall

  • beth nyderek
    beth nyderek

    Yeah but did anyone else’s school block all games??

  • Anthony Lim
    Anthony Lim

    Sniper monke

  • Zac Wallace
    Zac Wallace

    Come on sub 19 minute! Hurry! *literally sitting on 20k*

  • J_SKULL13

    Congrats on 1 million

  • flipcore99

    try to speed run btd6

  • FusionTechCinema


  • MK8 Master!
    MK8 Master!

    I bet I can speedrun BTD6 before you do!

  • ja.ret

    You just talk to talk and it’s kind of irritating

  • robrit

    5:44 scared me so bad i though my phone was going away because its dark

  • darklazer44

    Ah man. You made me want to play bloons again... Why am I talking like I can't? WE ARE NOT ANIMALS, WE HAVE TECHNOLOGY!

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle

    Your strategy really isn’t that good

  • Londonsbro Kamacho
    Londonsbro Kamacho

    is it just me or did he speed up the timer? ahh whater he edited the entire vid so whatev lol

  • James King
    James King

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  • Matthew

    Best bloons

  • dcf yhu
    dcf yhu

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  • ] [ SlightlyMagicalCookie
    ] [ SlightlyMagicalCookie

    Yes, I'm a simp: *Sniper* I *Monkey* P

  • Mike C.
    Mike C.

    Newgrounds anyone?

  • BARY

    this man is just playing games and saying it's a speedrun.. And i'm here for it

  • BoZZigmupp

    At 4:00 u upgraded your sniper monkey again, the same monkey you upgraded ealrier. restart confirmed

  • Latios Hunter
    Latios Hunter

    "I just want a Robot Monkey" Me too, kid, me too.

  • Dylan Bret
    Dylan Bret

    This, but bloons td 6? :)

  • Chaotic Angel
    Chaotic Angel

    I have been playing Bloons tower defence six and this video gives me nostalgia

  • Chaotic Angel
    Chaotic Angel

    Do BTD6 next?

  • Zaphod

    This formation is so bad. You need to place towers on the opposite side. Bunching all your towers in one area makes them focus on the same targets instead of spreading out the firepower. This makes it take much longer to get rid of the targets as some of them aren't being shot at for like 75% of the trail they take.

  • Brodie Insch
    Brodie Insch

    what or where is he playing this game? he has towers that I cant find, Someone help me out