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  • Jaclyn Hill
    Jaclyn Hill

    What should I name this series?!?

    • Sadi Ward
      Sadi Ward

      Feel Better Together :)

    • Nicole M.
      Nicole M.

      Life Haul

    • Meredith Roebuck
      Meredith Roebuck

      “Getting on track with Jac”

    • Amber Marie
      Amber Marie

      Jac gets her groove bac 🤗

    • Ashley Hernandez
      Ashley Hernandez


  • Yasmine Ibourk
    Yasmine Ibourk

    Jac’s Come Back !

  • Yasmine Ibourk
    Yasmine Ibourk

    I’m so excited for this! I feel you on so many levels and to be honest the key to this is having the people around you who will check you when you are slacking.

  • Victoria Velasquez
    Victoria Velasquez

    This is what happens when you get into a serious comfortable relationship with someone with a completely different body type and metabolism. Your health is not a priority to them. My husband cant gain weight for the life of him. So skinny. I started gaining weight 1 year into our relationship. We use to run miles together when we first started dating. I havent been able to lose weight in 5 years. Were vegan 3 years now, no weight loss for me. I have chronic plantar fasciitis like Jac and am limited in exercises after a day on my feet at work. I cant wait to go on this journey with you ! Its fucking HARD being thin all your life and then BOOM you hate your body. Hoping i can gain(lol or lose) from this series as well. Way to go

  • Emma Gonzalez
    Emma Gonzalez

    So excited to see your journey! It’ll feel more personal and relatable to the average person who doesn’t want to super diet or work out vigorously! We just want to feel good about ourselves and our bodies! Sending much love your way! ❤️❤️

  • LEESYJ 10
    LEESYJ 10

    God loves and is with you all, have a good day!❤️✝️

  • Monica Pichler
    Monica Pichler

    Good for you Jaclyn!! Rooting for you, you got this!! 💪🏼 🙌🏼

  • Misty Rosemarie
    Misty Rosemarie

    A name for your series…. What’s craving Jac’s, Jac’s craving health.

  • Cynthia Ditotto
    Cynthia Ditotto

    Jac on track is an awesome title. Or "You don't know Jac!"

  • Olivia Clark
    Olivia Clark

    Not sure you’ll see this but definitely recommend this influencer and her approach to a healthier lifestyle. She is so positive and may be helpful in your journey. Best wishes. 💞

  • Alexa Chaffin
    Alexa Chaffin

    ImPatiently waiting for 9/20 😫😫

  • Allison R
    Allison R


  • Amy A
    Amy A

    So happy for you Jaclyn!

  • Erin Lee
    Erin Lee


  • Anna Kunkel
    Anna Kunkel

    This is great! Can’t wait to watch and hopefully everyone is positive and kind and can be inspired by this journey 🙏

  • Rachael Bly
    Rachael Bly

    I think calling your vlogging style videos “Jac’s Journey” and then when it’s your current path to health and wellness you say “Jac’s Journey: Health and Wellness” that way when you are ready for your next adventure you can still use Jac’s Journey and then it will be labeled “pregnancy” or “parenthood” since that is one of your future aspirations 😊

  • Jennifer Leigh Arthur
    Jennifer Leigh Arthur

    Jac's Hacks for Getting Back on Track!!

  • Jennifer Leigh Arthur
    Jennifer Leigh Arthur

    I am so excited for you and your new journey. I'm 48 and I have started the same wellness journey a month ago. I blog, vlog and share everything with my followers too on social media! it has inspired and helped so may ppl Wishing you the best love xxoo

  • Holley Esterline
    Holley Esterline

    Trackin’ Jaclyn ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sandra SNM
    Sandra SNM

    You go Jaclyn ! You can do it ! This is your time !

  • Denise Muresan
    Denise Muresan

    I’m so excited for you!! Good luck and thanks for sharing it

  • MariG

    "Get fit back to Jaclyn" "Getting healthy back to Jaclyn" Get on hill back to Jaclyn"

  • becky alatorre
    becky alatorre

    Omg i wanna do the journey with youu🥰🥰💥💥

  • Jhe Elardo
    Jhe Elardo

    jac's actuality:d' real deal 😊

  • Lifestyles of The Poor and Unknown With Lacy J
    Lifestyles of The Poor and Unknown With Lacy J

    Getting Back To Jac!


    Please make it free or affordable if you choose to start charging. I too am on a new healthy way of life. I started at 280 lbs back in March 2020 I'm currently at 220. I'm struggling and no support system. I need something.

  • Linda Brown
    Linda Brown

    Hi Jaclyn How about: "Healthy Hax With Jordan & Jax" (You can play with the spelling😉)

  • Zinna K
    Zinna K

    chloe thing challenge! from experience, 2 pregnancies, feeling shitty with my self for along time.... now i feel great and all started from a little challenge

  • Breanne Elizabeth
    Breanne Elizabeth

    On Track with Jac Trackin’ Jaclyn Jac’s Pact Jac don’t slack Jacs Jacked Bounce Back with Jac Jac’s Come Back Jac’s Fighting Back

  • Valerie Rosel
    Valerie Rosel

    Love it! I’ve been eating that smoked salmon, avocado toast ever since you showed us! I’ll follow you sweetie!

  • Rvve Duio
    Rvve Duio

    Also, SUPER excited for this series! I’m gluten free so I can’t wait to see the things you’re eating and get on this journey with you! 💕

  • Tove Toussainte
    Tove Toussainte

    JACK ON TRACK! I think that is the name! I know it's hard and I'm going through the same journey so keep on fighting, the first weeks are the hardest!

  • whatacuteTae

    I’ve been planning to do this as well starting tomorrow. My problem is when I’m alone and bored I munch to keep myself busy and I gain that weight sooo fast, like the very next day. I can lose weight fast too though so that’s good

    • Rvve Duio
      Rvve Duio

      Great, a “keeping up with Jacklyn” series, that I will watch.

  • Kdubb Beauty
    Kdubb Beauty

    I can’t wait for this 😍 I love jac on track!

  • A

    Name suggestions for new series. *Jaclyn’s Raw Series *Jaclyn Uncovered *Getting Real with Jaclyn *Jaclyn Raw

  • Mel Capps
    Mel Capps

    No cute name for you, but thank you for being so real. Seeing you tackle this is so inspiring. It’s been a hard couple of years and it’s time to get back to making ourselves feel good!! Depression took me from a size 2 to a 12/14/Elastic band in less than two years and my body has been all kinds of messed up from it. You can do what you can, but most importantly, it’s a time to focus and be kind to yourself!

  • Elizabeth Powell
    Elizabeth Powell

    I’m a newcomer! Only been following you for about 2 months when I started wanting to learn more about makeup! I instantly clicked with you bc you seem VERY real! First video I ever watched of yours was right after you got your face stretched (hell I don’t know what you call it lol) anyways I think you’ve been reading my mind about wanting to get more healthy. I’ve been making very little changes in my life bc I’m SO sick of always sweating bc I’ve gained so much weight so quickly also! I’m like legit excited to do this journey with you! Thank you for being YOU!!!!!!!!! You inspire me!!

  • Missy D'Amico
    Missy D'Amico

    this had me in tears, overall just a lot of emotions and self reflection. my vote is for Back to Jac!

  • Danika Christine
    Danika Christine

    I’m so excited for this! You are inspiring so many!! ❤️

  • Raina P
    Raina P

    Okay. I'm with you!!! I I'm ready.

  • The Hangry Woman
    The Hangry Woman

    I’m so proud of you and happy for you!

  • Jacqueline Phillips
    Jacqueline Phillips

    I FREAKING LOVE the emphasis on health here. But I also love how you talk about the realities of wanting to look your best, but let’s also realize that each individual’s best isn’t necessarily their thinnest. We need balance and HEALTH! And within this process, I really hope you also focus on your mental health. My goodness that is arguably the most important part of your overall health and specifically one of the most important parts of the journey to being healthier ESPECIALLY when you are so vulnerable and documenting it. You are amazing and I live for how inspirational and encouraging you are. You have such a healthy mindset and I am on board with you trying to get healthier and I’m so excited to motivate myself to be healthier with you!

  • Elizabeth Roe
    Elizabeth Roe

    Aww... I'm so excited!

  • Lacey Anderson
    Lacey Anderson

    Yes! I am here for this!

  • M.T.

    Can’t wait 😛

  • Shaina Kennedy
    Shaina Kennedy

    I have GOOOOSEBUMPS watching the trailer, i am so keen for this! V happy for you also :)

  • Parisianess

    Love you ♥️

  • Gabriela Till
    Gabriela Till

    Great, a “keeping up with Jacklyn” series, that I will watch.

  • Rosina Reyes
    Rosina Reyes

    Jaclyn’s Wellness Journey!!! ✨💛

  • Hailey Manning
    Hailey Manning

    I love this!! & I need to do the same. Because I have always been 110 to 125 pounds until this past year & a half... I have literally gained 65-70 pounds! I started taking a new medication & it makes me crave sugar all day long. It's as if I have been possessed by a sugar eating demon & I can't control myself!!! Wahhh!! 😭😭😭 & OMG I sweat so much now too..partly bc the weight gain & partly bc the medication I take. It's the worst. So I have been wanting to start dieting & going to the gym & just getting back to being healthy & fit but better than ever. Let's do this together girl! We got this!! 😊😊

  • Melanie Bireley
    Melanie Bireley

    Weighing the benefits. Ps. You need someone going through journey at same time. It’s hard when others are not helping you succeed. A succeed together mindset

  • Ashley Carey
    Ashley Carey

    Ok they can’t just blame all the health problems on weight…. Also try organic period products. They’ve helped me sooooo much! Like I barely bleed now, and no symptoms beyond bleeding and minor cramps.

  • Sara Yildirim
    Sara Yildirim

    Aw I love you so much Jaclyn. This series means so much, I have been feeling very similar to how you’re feeling and want to change. We’ll do it together

  • Vlogs with Jess
    Vlogs with Jess

    “Stronger than excuses!”

  • Michaela

    Girl I totally recommend ‘move with Nicole’ PLeyes channel she does Pilates and it’s super relaxing but challenging!! I love it - and it’s not intimidating, definitely recommend...... you go girl!! 🤗

  • Cecilia Neff
    Cecilia Neff

    i love this!! spead loveee

  • Jasmin Bautista
    Jasmin Bautista

    Omg I needed this!!! I need to get motivated to eat healthier and try exercising at least 3 days a week!

  • BTDolphin

    “Jumping Jac”

  • Cassandra Reyes
    Cassandra Reyes

    "Jaclyn Gone Healthy"

  • Joanna Simion
    Joanna Simion

    The successful journeys to wellness and sustainable lifestyle change all start from a place of self love, not self hate ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cassandra Reyes
    Cassandra Reyes

    You're transitioning into a healthy lifestyle!

  • Katherine Marie
    Katherine Marie

    Ps... you're expressing exactly what I feel. I'm excited to be on this journey with you.❤️

  • Katherine Marie
    Katherine Marie

    Simply ... ME.

  • sarina young
    sarina young

    Your so brave !! I love you and this is so encouraging

  • Jessie W
    Jessie W

    This is awesome! Can't wait to do this alongside you 😘 not sure on a name for the series. But I'm supporting ya from NZ x

  • LALA Melvin
    LALA Melvin

    Okay soooo see I’m literally on the same wave right now! I’m going to do this with you my own plan but stay with you for 60 days and dm you my progress 💛

  • Pink Tink
    Pink Tink

    Just Jaclyn 💕

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb

    GIRL, I am buying front row tickets!!!!❤️‍🔥 sooo excited and already so proud of you!!!!

  • Kirsten

    Getting back to Jac

  • Kitten Mochi
    Kitten Mochi

    Jusy here to comment, Whatever! Lol!

    • vliduu zeeb
      vliduu zeeb


  • Heather Mackin
    Heather Mackin

    "Jaclyns Jam-packed Journey"

  • weslie childress
    weslie childress

    JUMPING JAC’S ❤️❤️❤️❤️⁉️

  • Jennifer Bedell
    Jennifer Bedell

    Name of series: Jacklyn's 60 day Jack Attack? 🤷🤷

  • Jennifer Bedell
    Jennifer Bedell

    First of all... you are BEAUTIFUL how you are!! PLEASE DO NOT LET THE DUMB ASS INTERNET TELL YOU OTHERWISE!!! Life happens. You need to be comfortable in your own skin sis!!! If you WANT to get healthier then awesome!! You go girl!! But please don't let the www make you do it because they think that you should look a certain way. I LOVE YOU how you are Jacklyn!!! XOXO ❤️😘 PS...find someone else who wants to reach a goal and work out TOGETHER!! It will help you!! Love you!!❤️😘

  • Pamela Hallisey
    Pamela Hallisey

    If you have inflammation you should look into Infla-650. I am trying to be as natural as possible.

  • Rosa Rodriguez
    Rosa Rodriguez

    Jaclyn's journey to better health!

  • Pamela Hallisey
    Pamela Hallisey

    I had gastric bypass 11 years ago and I have lost half my body weight. I've noticed that I recently gained a few pounds and I am DETERMINED to get it off! You will feel better, I promise!!!

  • jenny hardie
    jenny hardie

    Holy crap, that trailer hit home. I feel you, you can do this, and one day so can I.

  • Mary Simonyan
    Mary Simonyan

    Yes!! I’m going through the same transition in my life rn and watching your videos will motivate me so much! I have a hard time with motivation so this is seriously perfect timing. Thank you for wanting to share your journey with us

  • jenny hardie
    jenny hardie

    You've nailed the mindset and how to start off realistically for long term and sustainable goals!

  • The Southern Rustic
    The Southern Rustic

    That's awesome! We are rooting for you and you look amazing already, I saw a "Back to Jac" somewhere in the comments that sounded pretty cool. Whatever you end up calling it, It will be amazing. Good luck!

  • Maria Pereyra
    Maria Pereyra

    If your cheat day doesn’t work. I would try a cheat meal on Saturday & Sunday. Because when I had a “cheat day” I would go crazy ALL DAY. 🙄 it set me back so much every week.

  • Kayla Carrara
    Kayla Carrara

    I am so ready for this... I'm with you all the way girlll 💜💜💜

  • missviviclz

    I’m so excited!!! Gonna join you in the fitness adventure!

  • dnodarse13

    OMG just yesterday I thought the same and was telling myself I have to do this now. I can't continue yo-yo dieting. You just inspired me to jump feet first and not procrastinate anymore.

  • Isabelle Sirois
    Isabelle Sirois

    Finding myself, MeJourney, My Soul journey

  • Melissa

    Turmeric help with inflammation

  • Melissa

    Hey girl! There are tons or vegan options . Really good Vegan cheese also so alternative to milk almond, oat ,soy so many more. I'm transition to healthier options . So inspired rn it is the perfect time . Let's do this girl 🥰

  • Taylor Gonzalez
    Taylor Gonzalez


  • Michelle 216
    Michelle 216

    Jaclyn irl maybe I think that would make a cool name for the series. Lol I am on this journey with you and I'm excited for this series. I am trying to feel good be healthier and hope to find my spark for the world in general and you are always inspirational. I love your realness and your content!! Xo😍❤

  • Melissa

    I'm can't wait I love these type of vlogs

  • 89C

    Jac's wagon is back...

  • 89C

    love this!!

  • Yessica Campuzano
    Yessica Campuzano

    OMG I am soo here for this!! I’m sooo excited for you definitely gave me some motivation!!!!

  • Jasmine Landa
    Jasmine Landa

    A New Brush

  • Jasmine Landa
    Jasmine Landa

    Fresh Palette

  • Jasmine Landa
    Jasmine Landa


  • Jasmine Landa
    Jasmine Landa


  • Jasmine Landa
    Jasmine Landa

    totally where im at in life too

  • Noel Rendon
    Noel Rendon

    Damn! I’m so ready for this realness and rawness.Thank you!!!