Jessi(제시) - Star (Sketchbook) | KBS WORLD TV 200821
Jessi(제시) - Star (Sketchbook) | KBS WORLD TV 200821

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  • yuri lee
    yuri lee

    My eyes ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Mim HumA
    Mim HumA

    She sings sooo beautifully ❤️

  • Ria Rafika
    Ria Rafika

    This song this performance is from he bottom heart deep heart, that's why it goes to our heart then suddenly tears flow when we see her singing, i don't know much about Korean language on the rap part but the language won't be a problem since she's singing with love with heart the Universe will understand... I wish i can meet Jessi someday. I wanna hug.. And feel blessed and thankful she came in our life.. ❣️Honest star shines today

  • Jukyung Lim
    Jukyung Lim

    I'll never change this is jessi everyday

  • smallgirlcorner

    I fell for Jessie. I really admire her for being so strong despite of criticism. She's a game changer in Korean Entertainment Industry. I want to see her perform in Hollywood. She deserves all the fame. She maybe look so strong outside but she's so fragile deep within.

  • E

    Jessi queen of rap and vocals and hosting shows I love her so much 😂

  • vanishaa

    I love this vibe on herr

  • Donggi Ha
    Donggi Ha

    이 좋은 노래를 난 왜 이제 알았냐....

  • valeria ochoa sanchez
    valeria ochoa sanchez

    Cada cancion que canta suena hermoso en especial su rap

  • Neesa


  • Ellyyykim

    My god. I love this woman so much💔🥺

  • Flordeliza Tatad
    Flordeliza Tatad

    You are the Queen Star..stay humble and kind.

  • Saumya Pal
    Saumya Pal

    She was right when she said it's her best she amazed us with her vocals and her story still can't believe it's her voice give more love to this song and her hoomans

  • Pratima (statue)
    Pratima (statue)

    I just love the vibe

  • Mbojo NgeGame
    Mbojo NgeGame

    First time Im in love with woman.. I love you eonnie

  • PD_ LalisaMoQian
    PD_ LalisaMoQian

    Jessi has the voice that I really admire of... The Queen... She is a vocal for sure.....

  • Sofia Bouras
    Sofia Bouras


  • Julia June
    Julia June

    A meaningful and sincere song. I like Jessie very much. Her personality really shines bright like the stars.

  • Novia Hakim
    Novia Hakim


  • Shinta Ayu Ha
    Shinta Ayu Ha

    Huuugggggs Jessi! U’re an uber woman, the real ones ❤️

  • Unsociable K
    Unsociable K

    She's that different kind of Nuna... A STAR

  • Carrie C
    Carrie C

    No English sub.. don't understand korean.. but watching her rap n sing n the English words makes me cry...don't worry ma

  • tenzi noden
    tenzi noden

    I fee you jessi 😘

  • kim hye
    kim hye

    205,157 Wow her voice colour tho

  • Lenchael Mae Dadivas
    Lenchael Mae Dadivas

    “I’ll never change, this is Jessi everyday” 🥺😭❤️

  • Felen Jefrey
    Felen Jefrey

    Really² love jessy....

  • Yuki Minamoto
    Yuki Minamoto

    Jessi sang the song with such emotions, despite not understanding korean, I feel like I understand what she's saying

  • Sofia Maing
    Sofia Maing

    This is already August 2021 y'all... and when I am down .. I keep coming back to see how tough Jessi to hold up the tears when She sing this STAR, I can clearly feel how complicated Her life to be a figure that we use to know now, cpmparing with me naaaah my problem is nothing and Its give me strenght to keep moving.

  • KpOpGaVeMeLIfee

    my jessi.. her voice just comforts mee soo much!!! she deserves a lot more

  • May_ra09


  • kash

    this is so underrated

  • kash

    the veins popping on her forehead says so much, how much she suffered. i absolutely love her

  • Rethabile Mochotlhi
    Rethabile Mochotlhi

    she deserves the whole world

  • Linette Santiago
    Linette Santiago

    I love you Jessie!! ❤

  • Binyoung

    i cant understand those korean lyrics but damn im having a goosebumps.

    • Binyoung

      @Cherry Cake i did

    • Cherry Cake
      Cherry Cake

      then watch colored lyrics

  • Prajakta Umbarkar
    Prajakta Umbarkar

    Her voice ❤️ There's no one like her and there won't be another jessi ❤️She is just a masterpiece ❤️💥🌹

  • Suson Gurung
    Suson Gurung

    Can anyone tell me please which ep is this?

  • 卍tokyo revengers卍
    卍tokyo revengers卍

    I am in love on this song🥺🥺

  • Anna Tyler-Cobb
    Anna Tyler-Cobb


  • Jaedine Moira Tan
    Jaedine Moira Tan


  • siami yoongi
    siami yoongi

    My love...

  • Clare Clayrie
    Clare Clayrie

    This song is so fucking underrated 😭😭😭

  • May Guillemer
    May Guillemer

    What I like Jessi coz she sing live always.. She always amazed me with her voice

  • Stephanie Anne Gallemit
    Stephanie Anne Gallemit

    I really love this queen😩❤

  • Micaele Rosani
    Micaele Rosani


  • W M
    W M

    She's so pretty 😭

  • fathima nimfa
    fathima nimfa

    Jessi killed it

  • Frances Noreen Yanga
    Frances Noreen Yanga

    Wow! Such a pro! Finishing what she started. Just learned that this was the 2nd take because she cried on the 1st take. I really love your voice Jessi! Fighting!💪

  • Miss Bailey
    Miss Bailey

    Is she black

  • Hash Paliyan
    Hash Paliyan

    Queen 👑😭

  • Miza Nazurah
    Miza Nazurah

    I LOVE HER !

  • Aadhya Chintala
    Aadhya Chintala

    Her journey is real. From the debut to YMC to singing all girly to her uptown and lucky J days to unpretty rapstar to PNation to showterview. We love you Jessi.

  • Lee Anne
    Lee Anne

    jessi is effortlessly funny on variety shows and is doing really good as a host on showterview but she should get more recognition for being an artist like she's not just good but really good!!! QUEEN :>>>>

  • Noni Nfnofi
    Noni Nfnofi

    She is so talented I love her !!

  • Kuen Drel
    Kuen Drel

    I really like her songs that she has sang. Massive love from BHUTAN 💖💖💖

  • vanne perez
    vanne perez


  • claudia sejas
    claudia sejas

    love you nuna

  • Black Bank
    Black Bank

    Possible black bank please

  • Polet Requena
    Polet Requena

    Jessi 😽😍🥰 la amo.

  • noktanın analitiği
    noktanın analitiği

    She's amazing

  • c

    she had to record this twice because she cried hard during the first take and couldn't finish the song

  • ALVIN DIAN 112
    ALVIN DIAN 112

    Jessi Queen 😭💜❤️

  • Nabilah Husna
    Nabilah Husna

    She have everything 😭😭 i love jessi - from malaysia 🥰🥰🥰

  • Romina Garcia
    Romina Garcia

    Amé su voz! Me sorprendió muchísimo escucharla ya que siempre la escucho rapeando... Ojala podamos escuchar mas!!!

  • Marg. C.
    Marg. C.

    You are the best!!!

  • 043_ Lilik Farkhiyah
    043_ Lilik Farkhiyah

    Her voice😍😍😍

  • jeraldine Aruta
    jeraldine Aruta

    the goosebumps she gave while singing 🤘🏻🤧

  • Soon Jung
    Soon Jung

    Why am I crying

  • Sweet Madeen Sabellina
    Sweet Madeen Sabellina

    This video deserves more views

  • PIUviophile_

    She is so good at singing 💕

  • Sonali Rajput
    Sonali Rajput

    Deserves the whole world ❣️

  • Fairy Tail
    Fairy Tail


  • You don't need to know
    You don't need to know

    누나 사랑해요. 진짜 사랑해요

  • Sibel

    When I look at Jessi singing this song I feel my heart break. She seems so strong but she was always lonely. Sometimes I wonder if people really need to get strong to the point it hurts.

    • Jungkook Is life
      Jungkook Is life

      Yes some people really need to become strong till the point when they become lonely because they need to prove themselves to all those haters

  • taati prokes
    taati prokes

    I love her voice

  • Sinclair Park
    Sinclair Park

    ❤️❤️ this song got me smiling and crying at the same time

  • Mayasari Sari
    Mayasari Sari


  • Hayst noone
    Hayst noone

    She can rap She can sing She can dance She claps back to haters She ain't afraid She's strong She's gorgeous She's a queen and she's JESSI!

  • MsAve1994

    She‘s so fucking TALENTED! ♥️🔥

  • Kate Kwok
    Kate Kwok

    (translate in Eng) Every day I see the stars Shining bright into my life Oh yeah, Oh yeah Fought this battle on my own Found my strength in love I feel Everything I do is real for you For you I never had a plan to plant the seed I just followed the rhythm of my heart And went with the beat I don’t even know what’s coming for me next, Right behind the hill But I just went and climbed that bitch Like I’m Jack and Jill I first found my love for this in the church choir Was only 11 playin’ the piano, didn’t think I’d get far Ma mama said one day u gonna be a star And that’s all I needed to hear I left my hometown with a dollar and a dream I gathered my courage and crossed the pacific At the age of 15 Far from home Landed in the motherland thinkin’ it’d be better Just to find out I’m living in a cold world with a thin sweater Summers hot as hell but still it got me freezing Alone in my room asking where I am but nobody knows Don’t worry ma, told you I was cool Those white lies were for you Every day I see the stars Shining bright into my life Oh yeah, Oh yeah Fought this battle on my own Found my strength in love I feel Everything I do is real for you For you Environment Changed Everyday a new experience You think my Korean’s bad now? You should’ve heard me back then, that shit was serious I thought they were strange But they thought I was a stranger every time I passed by But still I just did me and walked around with my head up high You can see the contrast; my tan skin, my hair light And plus my gold hoop rings make me shine bright Torn jeans yeah that’s my design down to every stitch I refuse to be fake I’d rather be that bitch You could blame it on the CDs my brother bought me Lauryn Hill, Yoon Mirae, and the new Ashanti Road to success but my vision foggy Thought the rain would never stop But my brothers changed the forecast My daddy bought me my first car And my drive is what got me far Yeah I know I ain’t perfect Made a lot of mistakes thus far If I had to do this all over again, there’d be no other way I’ll never change this is Jessi everyday Every day I see the stars Shining bright into my life Oh yeah, Oh yeah Fought this battle on my own Found my strength in love I feel Everything I do is real for you For you Love if you love Ima Love if you don’t Ima love if you won’t Ima love Ima love when I see you Love if you love Ima Love if you don’t Ima love if you won’t Ima love ima love when I see you

  • Death Note
    Death Note

    This is a GIFT!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Lavinya 19
    Lavinya 19

    Sen harika bir kadınsın Jessi !!

  • Music T
    Music T


  • Co2me

    The emotions are flowing through my veins

  • p y
    p y

    here after what type of x

  • Learn with Me PH
    Learn with Me PH

    She always rocks with her vocals and rapping skills😎

  • betty carat love
    betty carat love

    Jessi is really an amazing person i love her

  • Seven Heaven
    Seven Heaven


  • MLBB Changlle
    MLBB Changlle

    This is for i can protect my mum and my family and myself 🥰🥰🥰 i will protect all ☺️


    I want to cry

  • 𝐍𝐎𝐑𝐒𝐈𝐍،ِ؍メ̷ِ♡َِ؍.؍

    Creativity ILOVE you Jesse ♥♥♥

  • TamTam

    love you jessi, i cry when i hear this song


    Jessie the brightest star in Kpop make them jealous girl but take care of yourself coz your the most important girl in your world

  • Norisa Binti Talib
    Norisa Binti Talib


  • Sabundo, Jhairine R.
    Sabundo, Jhairine R.

    she deserves all the love

  • Blacky 01
    Blacky 01

    QUEEN 👑

  • Muskan

    What brought me to Jessi is her unique voice and that warm and savage personality is perfect ❤️ and I am really really happy that I got this precious and perfect queen. Hwaiting Jessi 💜

  • Kristine Nilooban
    Kristine Nilooban

    My queen

  • Saleeva Vit
    Saleeva Vit

    Chills 🔥

  • Lavinya

    sen harika bir kadınsın Jessi, güçlü kal!!!