Kungs - Never Going Home (Lyrics)
Kungs - Never Going Home (Lyrics)

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🎤 Lyrics:
Music, we came through it
Where only you and I can feel it
Music, got me healing
Yeah, that's repeating
Got me feeling

If you wanna ride, come ride with me
Take me by the hand, feel the chemistry
Losing track of time, in the ecstasy
It's getting out of hand, it's just you and me

That we are never going home, oh-woah, oh-woah
Let's go dance until the morning, oh-woah, oh-woah
And we are never going home, oh-woah, oh-woah
Let's go dance until the morning

Music, we came through it
Where only you and I can feel it
Music, got me healing
Yeah, that's repeating
Can you feel it?

If you wanna fly, come fly with me
We'll go anywhere that you wanna be
If you feel it down, here's a remedy
Losing track of time, it's just you and me

And we are never going home, oh-woah, oh-woah
Let's go dance until the morning, oh-woah, oh-woah
And we are never going home, oh-woah, oh-woah
Let's go dance until the morning

Music, and we can do it
Music, and where we knew it
We can do it
Can you feel it?
We can do it
I can feel it

And we are never going home, oh-woah, oh-woah
Let's go dance until the morning, oh-woah, oh-woah
And we are never going home, oh-woah, oh-woah
Let's go dance until the morning

Oh-woah, oh-woah
Oh-woah, oh-woah
Oh-woah, oh-woah
Oh-woah, oh-woah

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  • Mari Maria
    Mari Maria


  • Maik Lenz
    Maik Lenz


  • sevkiboy 1453
    sevkiboy 1453

    arabamda yine bir gün sarkıyla :D

  • Linya


  • ana

    L❤ve it@!!@

  • B3autySparks

    I cried to this song as I drove home from an awful appointment-I was vibing though and thank god I shazamed lmfao.

  • Kaja Kaja
    Kaja Kaja

    I love this song 👍😚🤩😘🔊🔊🎶

  • Encza

    Its just a faster copy paste of Mind Enterprises - Idol


    seriously its not an 80s song??????

  • Staborter

    Sounds like a remix one of Empire Of The Sun songs!

  • Patrik Ujszászi
    Patrik Ujszászi

    I live in a dormitory ----> I NEVER GOING HOME

  • Thijmen de Longte
    Thijmen de Longte

    Am i the only one feeling a summer vibe, on the beach with this song?

  • Thijmen de Longte
    Thijmen de Longte

    0:43 beat is coming up

  • FondTurtle

    I hear this song so oft in the radio then I am on work



  • Ldwg Rcd
    Ldwg Rcd

    Che bella canzone!!! Mette proprio l'allegria e la leggerezza!

  • Frank Szilveszter Horváth
    Frank Szilveszter Horváth

    Nagyon tetszik XD GecY

  • Mariassunta Pennacchtgggf43tdxfi
    Mariassunta Pennacchtgggf43tdxfi

    Never goin home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bolofex

    I hate this song with a passion

    • Ldwg Rcd
      Ldwg Rcd

      Noo why?

  • Patryk Ro
    Patryk Ro

    świetna nuta

  • KubaSzek

    the only drawback of this song is that it is too short🥺

  • Emil Seva
    Emil Seva

    Anni 80 ci siamo per il gran ritornoooooo!!! Noi della nuova generazione si e non vediamo l'ora di vivere come hanno fatto i nostri genitori (musicalmente parlando), con la spensieratezza e la felicità...quella vera!

  • Zaz Son
    Zaz Son

    Hacı bu müzik patlar...

  • Alba D'Auria
    Alba D'Auria

    this song in the club is absurd with the bpm it has ....😅😅

  • Fatos Hoxha
    Fatos Hoxha


  • Luca Francica
    Luca Francica

    Luca francica

  • Like Daddies
    Like Daddies

    awesome song 🤩🤩👍🏻👍🏻

  • Sheeriiaannee

    RADIO 🤣👍

  • karim babidi
    karim babidi

    hi, thanx (mistake at 2min08)

  • Echidna KI
    Echidna KI

    i loooove this shit!!!!!😍😍😍🤩 happy day!

  • Ernest P
    Ernest P

    Me Piosenki 1000000000+10000000⁰0+

  • Windows Vista yt
    Windows Vista yt


  • Rudolf Radnai
    Rudolf Radnai

    I prefer the original version: Mind Enterprises - Idol

  • the fabe
    the fabe

    Who is italian? I I V

  • Valentina gatti
    Valentina gatti

    Troppo bella ..poi ad alto volume

  • Samurai Marcin
    Samurai Marcin

    Super song.

  • 0KamuseIcz0


  • Beliahr

    80's Vibe HYPE!

  • Sofia Brekelmans
    Sofia Brekelmans

    Me: heard this song on the radio....... 5 min later search this on PLeyes 1 min later listening🤩

  • kittycatsoul


  • mradex77

    really nice song every time when i was going from stairs to beach there was dj place puting this on :D

  • Stefania Rea
    Stefania Rea

    And the cup it's going Rome woah woah

  • Springy Commits Content
    Springy Commits Content

    13 days left till school starts and im listening to this

  • Antônio S. P. Santos
    Antônio S. P. Santos

    Ah, gente: que música mais-que-maravilhosa!!! Muito, mas muito mesmo, pra cima!!!

  • Commedia All'Italiana
    Commedia All'Italiana


    • Commedia All'Italiana
      Commedia All'Italiana

      @lory2017 su Instagram mi trovate come Smilzogamer Do you remember 2006?

    • lory2017 su Instagram mi trovate come Smilzogamer
      lory2017 su Instagram mi trovate come Smilzogamer

      Do you remember 2000?

  • mm…NO


  • Ari Ademar Cabral
    Ari Ademar Cabral

    Gostei ,,,aprovei 👏👏👏

  • MrEvelyn

    When I tried finding this song, I looked up at first “and we are never going home 80s hands up song” and found this somehow, I’m just happy I found it lol, it’s so good


      same hahahahahhahah

  • VoxlKnight

    Very... endogenous singing. Honestly cant tell if its a man or a woman singing. I mean, i can tell its a guy, but for a lot of it i cant lol

  • kitty kay
    kitty kay

    Appena l'ho ascoltata io tipo ero cosi 🤩

  • Parallel NotExitZ
    Parallel NotExitZ

    My twin sister Emma when we went to the beach and we passed by the place where KDB was born be like:

  • Arek 214
    Arek 214

    Brzmi jak z 2019 😎😎

  • ls borda
    ls borda

    Let's go dance until the morning oh-woah

    • ls borda
      ls borda

      @defender На расслабоне

    • defender

      На чиле



  • Carmine Fedele
    Carmine Fedele

    Hope to listen to it in FH5...😎

  • Daniele Grasso
    Daniele Grasso

    Forza Italia🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • trebor Borovik
    trebor Borovik

    Soooo good.. When it came on the radio its was like i've heard it before.. So familiar yet soo fresh

  • sykipeja

    lol what a stupid name kungs :D

  • Orazio Pastaro
    Orazio Pastaro

    Huo ehuo

  • Gabriele Porru
    Gabriele Porru

    IDOL - Mind Enterprises ( 2019 )

  • Alex Iori
    Alex Iori

    1 listen: Mhh... 2 listens: Good song... 3 listens: AND WE ARE NEVER GOING HOME OH HOOH OH HOOH

    • FaZe turbo 6867
      FaZe turbo 6867


    • Echidna KI
      Echidna KI


    • Patryk Sarnik
      Patryk Sarnik


    • lory2017 su Instagram mi trovate come Smilzogamer
      lory2017 su Instagram mi trovate come Smilzogamer

      @Tristan van Heest it s coming Rome

    • Tristan van Heest
      Tristan van Heest

      Nice copy and paste.

  • Cloclo42


  • k.

    I hear it the first time in the radio now is my fav song

  • Elbin D ardos
    Elbin D ardos

    Musica filé

  • Nicoleta Todorescu
    Nicoleta Todorescu


  • Nicoleta Todorescu
    Nicoleta Todorescu


  • Lasti News
    Lasti News

    Here In France I hear this song every 30 mins on the radio if not more

    • Red Wolf
      Red Wolf

      It's a good song , simple and clean

  • Il_Mago_Merdino

    And Euro Champ is come to Rome oooh oooh... And England Cry for more and more oooh oooh🎵🎵🎵

  • Alexander Deva
    Alexander Deva

    Some European spirit again , finally !

    • Magnus Ehrenberg
      Magnus Ehrenberg

      @LAURENT bro look at his profile


      @Miyuki :3 Wtf is your brain about? what his comment has anything to do with homofobia ?

    • Miyuki :3
      Miyuki :3

      @Jack Laurentius u homophobic kid?

    • Red Wolf
      Red Wolf

      @Jack Laurentius What do you mean ?

    • Jack Laurentius
      Jack Laurentius

      We will break it once more.

  • Max detiger
    Max detiger

    Here in croatia this song i hear every hours

    • BR BCH
      BR BCH

      In Poland too

    • Springy Commits Content
      Springy Commits Content

      here in romania too, its on repeat on the radio


      Na Otvorenome jel?

  • Юля Солнцева
    Юля Солнцева

    Услышала по радио в машине, итог я тут :

  • giorgio2020x

    I listened it at the Rome zoomarine

  • Kubson2757 👍
    Kubson2757 👍


  • Marco Barozzi
    Marco Barozzi

    è psichedelica ... .crea dipendenza ahahahahah

  • Pitbull Gamer PL
    Pitbull Gamer PL

    Oh-woah oh-woah

  • bellissimaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • kitty kay
      kitty kay


  • Brendon Sullivan
    Brendon Sullivan

    Heard this on EKSA in Poland last week


    Never going hole 😂

  • Dominick Mc Dermott
    Dominick Mc Dermott

    I love 💘 this music 🎶🎵😌

  • TheBylkAAA

    Sampled from Mind enterprise _idol.nowaday music can't make original songs hahaha.

  • KuuBa

    Kozak totalny! 🔥🇵🇱

    • King Zygmunt
      King Zygmunt


    • GamingMaster2010

      Właśnie lol

  • Giagio

    Never going home. It's coming Rome*

  • camille wójcik
    camille wójcik

    Najlepsza nuta do auta!!! Warszawa pozdrawia 😀

    • GamingMaster2010

      Masz rację. Słyszałem tą muzyka na RMF FM i myślę że jest dobrą do auta. Pozdrawiam od Krakowa

  • roby91ita sborro-proiettili
    roby91ita sborro-proiettili

    molto orecchiabile e ve lo dice uno che ascolta sempre e solo heavy metal....

  • Gabriele Brundu
    Gabriele Brundu

    Never COMING home 💙🇮🇹

  • Cheeki Breeki
    Cheeki Breeki

    Heard it on the radio while playing ETS2, can't get this out of my head

    • IŁ-2 Szturmowiec
      IŁ-2 Szturmowiec

      Ayooo ETS2 brother

  • mario,pokemon,undertale Fan
    mario,pokemon,undertale Fan

    Mind enterprises

  • Adam Mcintosh
    Adam Mcintosh

    Please make soooooo more this fucking awsome

  • 💖LENKA  💖Kaźmierczak
    💖LENKA 💖Kaźmierczak

    Piękna piosenka 🤑🤑🤑❤️♥️♥️

    • King Zygmunt
      King Zygmunt


  • Magda Chmiel
    Magda Chmiel


  • charlie wood
    charlie wood

    Im in love with this song

  • Antonio Mandolfo
    Antonio Mandolfo

    It's coming Rome my Dears!!🇮🇹💓❤

  • Mac-zy2

    Je suis fan

    • HDvid

      @Smaps moi aussi 😁

    • Smaps

      Moi aussi

  • Виталий Warrior of God
    Виталий Warrior of God

    Super music!!!

  • Laura Chiara
    Laura Chiara

    Fantastic grove so hype and energetic

  • Davide Aliverti
    Davide Aliverti

    Spam di It's coming rome sususu🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Zen Kev
    Zen Kev

    Party time Lifes is f**** good🖤💜

  • Francesco Pelella
    Francesco Pelella

    mi piace questa canzone

  • Ceylan Oostra
    Ceylan Oostra

    Its in PSG

  • Łukasz J
    Łukasz J

    kto od mgp garage ? 🔥🔥🔥