Lionel Messi - All 50 Free Kick Goals for Barcelona
New BIG video! Lionel Messi All His 50 Free Kick Goals for Barcelona in one video! Last week, Lionel Messi helped Barcelona to a victory against Valencia where he scored his 50th free kick goal for Barcelona ever. Here you have them all in just one video! With his next free kick goal, I'm planning to make a Top 10 or 20 free kick goals ever! Stay tuned, subscribe and enjoy the video!

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    • Alonso Alonso
      Alonso Alonso

      I did it 👍🏼

  • Tanweer Riyadh
    Tanweer Riyadh

    Cant believe approx. only 2 years to go for his professional football career. Brings me in tears every time i think so.

  • biswanath adhikari
    biswanath adhikari

    Lovely Lovely

  • Dennis Klaes
    Dennis Klaes

    For Messi, they aren't freekicks, they are Free Goals

  • John Lavvas
    John Lavvas

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  • Leo Lubong
    Leo Lubong

    Not as powerful as others can but the technic and precision is just so brilliant.

  • Jayson Salvaña
    Jayson Salvaña

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  • LeechRec

    His top corner accuracy is ridiculous

  • Nathan Biro
    Nathan Biro

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  • Gary

    He has much more goals outside the box compared to Ronaldo he scores the best goals only he can score, has a much better goals to game ratio plus he plays in midfield and people claim Ronaldo is the best goalscorer? Messi is the much better player and scorer he's the fucking man

  • Toyota Moriba
    Toyota Moriba

    Athletic Bilbao 6 Espanyol 6 Sevilla 5 Atletico madrid 3 Celta Vigo 3 Almeria 2 Deportivo La Coruba 2 Real Madrid 2 Granada 2 Real Betis 2 Alaves 2 Villareal 2 Real Sociedad Girona Las Palmas Leganes Real Valladolid Osasuna Valencia Mallorca PSV Liverpool Ajax Dynamo kyiv Olympiakos

  • Mossab Ali
    Mossab Ali


  • Learn and Enjoy
    Learn and Enjoy

    seriously this background music needs to stop

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    Deborah Luck


  • Akmal Teshayev
    Akmal Teshayev

    My best is against villarreal and Liverpool. Because I saw that games with my eyes

  • Allhamdulillha

    I love Lionel Messi ❤️❤️🦁🦁

  • Виктор Грабовецкий
    Виктор Грабовецкий

    Від ударів Месі,воротарі залітають у сітку воріт .

  • marcelo aguilera
    marcelo aguilera

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    rick jennings

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    Luciano Varas

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    Fahad linkin

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  • Steve Harrington
    Steve Harrington

    esq no entiendo tio

  • Баҳром Тохиров
    Баҳром Тохиров


  • Hector Orellana
    Hector Orellana

    Messi kicks the ball, with the same effect of a knuckle ball, so the ball does some unpredictable moves, this man knows exactly where to hit the ball, to make curves , and I think he’s the best in the world hiding the ball from the goalkeeper, even using the oposición team to do it, this man may be from the planet Goal.

  • thomas butingo
    thomas butingo

    This man is uncomparable

  • Githo Ale
    Githo Ale

    Gol ke 40 paling fenomenal krn dilakukan dgn trik panenka. Hanya MESSI seorang yg mampu melakukan free kick panenka. LM10 Super G.O.A.T

  • Harder Than Ever
    Harder Than Ever

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  • Yunus Emre Bilecen
    Yunus Emre Bilecen

    Messi the best player 🌍

  • Diego Del Val
    Diego Del Val

    The dates are so bad. Many of them are mistakes

  • Ratna prabhakar
    Ratna prabhakar

    We all are going to cry when he retires

  • Ratna prabhakar
    Ratna prabhakar

    2019 absolute beast mode carried barca alone peak Leo Messi year ...

  • %Nation%

    Nice shouting

  • pain

    Messi gets freekick Goalkeeper : My time has come

  • Lino

    Messi😘the one and only Goat🐐

  • Conmebol Brazil football
    Conmebol Brazil football


  • Pure Proxies
    Pure Proxies

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    Huang Jack

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  • Football Highlight
    Football Highlight




  • Oheneba Kojo
    Oheneba Kojo

    This guy is crazy

  • Orlando Fernandes
    Orlando Fernandes

    ET Messi melhor jogador de todos de outro planeta 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

  • Jose domingo Escobar cruz
    Jose domingo Escobar cruz

    Wuao goles como en esos timpos kiero simpre estarlos biendo gracias por esos videos 👍👍👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯💯💯es el mejor jugador del mundo ⚽⚽⚽⚽



  • Victors Motivation
    Victors Motivation

  • Philans Cosmos Ankrah
    Philans Cosmos Ankrah

    Diego Lopez likely suffers PTSD each time he faces Messi's free-kicks

  • Ioan I. TODIROAE
    Ioan I. TODIROAE


  • Abulqosim Ismailov
    Abulqosim Ismailov


  • Atemporal Lightning
    Atemporal Lightning

    Messi is like a great wine, as years go by he only gets better and better.

  • Gaët Guts
    Gaët Guts

    Anyone for the song of first part? thanks

  • Sooraj Allex
    Sooraj Allex

    I love magnificent💞 LEO

  • Sooraj Allex
    Sooraj Allex

    I love magnificent💞 LEO

  • CodingMutant

    i remember when messi scores the liverpool match in champions league. i couldnt believe my eyes, i stood up and hold my head by my hand and waited for the replay to show it to me....i still didnt forget how far it was from the goal and thinking he will never score from this distance.....He Is THE G.A.O.T

  • Amanda Nicole
    Amanda Nicole

    The 29th one against Real Sociedad in the rain is my favorite, it was Epic! 😊

  • Amanda Nicole
    Amanda Nicole


  • Mihai Badarau
    Mihai Badarau

    I have always said, REMEMBER THE NAME from his first hat trick at 19 years old, nobody has done that before and about his free kicks,no comment,what else can you say,. FORZA MESSI

  • Muhammad Thabsheer
    Muhammad Thabsheer

    King leo ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Roganio Andjole
      Roganio Andjole

      I'd so he's so

  • Mansour Diagne
    Mansour Diagne


  • M sohaib yousaf M yousaf
    M sohaib yousaf M yousaf

    Imagine messi score a goal with free kick in copa America and world cup final and win both trophies.

  • M sohaib yousaf M yousaf
    M sohaib yousaf M yousaf

    Messi should leave BARCA.

  • Ashik TK
    Ashik TK

    Messi 🐐❣️

  • Ashik TK
    Ashik TK

    Messi 🐐👽

  • Madd 079
    Madd 079

    Truly, one of the best footballer ever had in the world.

  • Steve Hogan
    Steve Hogan

    The one against PSV was probably the most amazing free kick I've seen. Perfection.

  • Israel Jeremiah
    Israel Jeremiah

    When ever i watch Messi and Ronaldo high light i feel like crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭 because i don't think football will be more romantic after them

  • luke mckee
    luke mckee

    Princess Leia: messi you are our only hope

  • Paddy Mc
    Paddy Mc

    If he leaves Barcelona that's the end for Barcelona. Time to rebuild. He's keeping them relevant. You'll find that a HUGE amount of the viewers are actually more Messi fans than they are Barcelona fans. I'm a Liverpool supporter, but I love Messi so I surreptitiously support Barca but without him there, without MSN, without CR7 to battle, without Guardiola and Xavi & Iniesta what's to see? No really? What? Griezmann and Pique? Hah.

  • BMNV Channel
    BMNV Channel


  • M8N مستقعدين
    M8N مستقعدين

    جميعا مع القضية الفلسطينيه إشتراك لنشر الفديوات❤

  • M8N مستقعدين
    M8N مستقعدين

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  • Sports Hd
    Sports Hd

    Messi is the best freekicker in the history 🙌

  • Sub Aqua
    Sub Aqua

    The definition of football is Messi, but Messi is undefinable

  • dimas erwinoto
    dimas erwinoto

    Thank you Leo

  • Takes Tchalla
    Takes Tchalla

    Watching Messi's goals with the music perfect combination 😌

  • Chotushkone Collabs
    Chotushkone Collabs

    Who is the commentator at 12:29?

  • Your Slavic Friend
    Your Slavic Friend

    Imagine playing for 13 years and have only 50 freekick goals, you know how hard it is to score a freekick, Messi is just unbelievable

  • sʟᴀʏᴇʀ

    This more satisfying than what people do today as ASMR videos 🙌

  • Yeni Torres
    Yeni Torres

    Messi. You. Can. Bit. Ronaldo. Because. You. Are. Tras

  • Ladislav Novák
    Ladislav Novák

    Best player!!!! ❤️

  • amal das
    amal das

    26th goal were scored by messi is so underrated how insane that freeckick🔥

  • Ball Dribble
    Ball Dribble

    Famous Footballers Funny TikTok:

  • Ball Dribble
    Ball Dribble

    Famous Footballers Funny TikTok:

  • Alonso Alonso
    Alonso Alonso

    Magnificent Messi and @Wouva 👏🏼😃👍🏼

  • Gianluca

    Legend 👑

  • Bram Wisnu
    Bram Wisnu

    Ngeri ...... ...

  • Nishant kumar
    Nishant kumar


  • Mídiacorrupta

    He have 3 freeckicks per game at least

  • Niaz

    If barca wins la liga 2021, Messi will have the ballon d or 2021

  • Sanoop Vp
    Sanoop Vp

    Tnks a lot bro....

  • qjdlfz ywtCoronel
    qjdlfz ywtCoronel


  • Tatthya - Siv
    Tatthya - Siv

    The future generation will question the brilliance of messi and say that his stat are so high only because he stayed in a single league for all of his career. But you and I both know how capable he truly is don't we ?

    • Mr. Nice Man
      Mr. Nice Man

      lol la liga is as competitive as a European League can be, only the Premier league is arguably better than it (or on par with la liga), so ya....~15 years of consistency, a class of his own, Messi is without a doubt THE GOAT

  • A7M Football
    A7M Football

    Nice video bro❤️

  • Fabr0 9k
    Fabr0 9k

    The best player in the world

  • MigueEditz10

    Incroyable video!!🔥🤯

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    Ameer Hasan Jasem


  • Mike Ramírez
    Mike Ramírez


  • Mike Ramírez
    Mike Ramírez

    Que bueno es!!!!!!!!!!

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    Сафар Сафар

    Барселона 💪💪😱😱🏆🏆🏆

  • Artan Papa
    Artan Papa

    He is the best player world had ever !!😱💥

  • Spiros Papadopoulos
    Spiros Papadopoulos

    Vamos Barça! Vamos equipo! Let's go. Together till the end! Win lose or tie Barça Till I die! I wish u all the best