Marvel Studios' Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+

  • Nero Mystyra
    Nero Mystyra

    Guys, as someone who is not interested at all in the Marvel movies and hasn't watched them, is this Loki show something i can enjoy without context? Or is this just not for me?

    • MermaidBoyz

      Hmmm it kinda depends. you have to understand *some* stuff or else you can be clueless at certain parts, but hey I still feel “It’s a great show. So I guess it’s uty

  • hz_motion

    1:42 So this how Marvel Trailer work... hide new character (in this case, Sylvie) from the show....

  • Selvesh Nadar
    Selvesh Nadar

    We needed mobius With Jetski 😭

  • Александр Волков
    Александр Волков

    Only 6 episodes.. they don't even know who will be the cast in the second season or when it will even be out.. and seeing that it's Disney+ they're trying to make Loki a bi sexual girl who doesn't know his gender

  • Rashmi Nimna
    Rashmi Nimna

    No one bad is ever truly bad, And no one good is ever truly good 💪 Ahh.. those words from LOKI ✌️❤️

  • Alex WILSON
    Alex WILSON

    Ever since the show, we are now in the multiverse now

  • victoria boom
    victoria boom

    I like this actor

  • Alencia

    Release the trailer music

  • Grace Teo
    Grace Teo

    Nice show

  • C K
    C K

    Watched Loki nothing surprised me.. it was kinda umbrella academy.. and every thing the Avengers did was just for nothing.. it's all written buy a guy.. infinity stones for paper works.. 😂😂 what the hell is going on here.. I totally lost interest..😭

    • i

      TVA comic come way before Umbrella academy

    • Hela

      Fake fan

    • C K
      C K

      @Papa Cole not as much as you're 😂😂

    • Papa Cole
      Papa Cole

      Just say you're a simpleton😭😭


    Pls Natalie Holt upload the music of this trailer

  • TargLife

    They really went out of their way to hide my girl Sylvie 😂

  • Ubiquitous Reverser
    Ubiquitous Reverser

    The way they advertised this at first I thought it was a movie. But a series? Not interested in going to Disney+. They're just making a series out of everything now. Definitely like Loki so it's cool, but I guess I'll wait till it's finished and just binge it.

    • Alencia

      Its done

    • Anjali B
      Anjali B

      It's finished. Now binge it

  • maria cervania
    maria cervania

    the story of the time keeper- is what really is sad.

  • Estevan May Carlson
    Estevan May Carlson

    Infinity war avengers loki is death 💀

  • Jack And
    Jack And

    This has to be the marvel trailer of all time.

  • Yasin Fazley
    Yasin Fazley

    This was terrible, the acting was good, but goddamn the story is so bad, especially for the quality of the production, the story ruined this badddd ffs 😭😭

    • Alencia

      It was good imo

    • Anjali B
      Anjali B

      Your opinion.. kay?

    • i

      Well everyone has opinion

    • brawl master
      brawl master


  • Travis True
    Travis True

    Why is this called Loki...he’s not even in it

    • Hela

      Bruh 😑

    • Alencia


    • Papa Cole
      Papa Cole

      What are you talking about?

  • R P
    R P

    This turned out to be *The Snowpiercer*

  • Tizy Man
    Tizy Man

    I like how Endgame was originally supposed to be the end for the most beloved characters but the fans were pissed about how they killed off some characters and they brought them back realizing that the MCU is nothing without them (Iron Man, Loki and Black Widow)

    • Hela

      Mcu is doing pretty well without black widow everyone knows she’s dead her movie was a prequel and without iron man because of spider man but Loki is still here

  • Adam's TruthTrek
    Adam's TruthTrek


  • jerry

    Alien cat

  • adi🖤

    Me after completing the whole season in 1 day.. Lets watch the trailer too 😌😌

  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar

    Entire multiverse is in danger because hulk didn't like stairs

  • peyman rostami
    peyman rostami

    Loki ❤❤❤❤

  • Josef Jensen
    Josef Jensen

    Sorry guys your childhood was deconstructed and reconstructed to the mind of a 14-year-old teenage girl.

  • Lil_KenmaKozume

    who else just got a loki trailer add?👏👏👏

  • Kris Nestor
    Kris Nestor

    I don't understand how this bullshit has 8.9 score on IMDB.

    • Hela

      The show was good stay mad 😅

    • Anjali B
      Anjali B

      That's not our problem you can't understand it😂😂 The show was great imo. But hey, every opinion matters. You don't have to call the show a bullshit.

    • brawl master
      brawl master

      This series was good

    • brawl master
      brawl master


    • Yasin Fazley
      Yasin Fazley

      Fax it's got such a bad storyline 💀 and cringy asf 💀

  • Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
    Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    I wish they made the series a lot more emotional-which sadly, they did not. The scene when Loki finds out about her mother's death, and that he is solely responsible for her demise, was rushed. And one of the common elements between all Lokis, that they missed their home.. Their loneliness, that too could be emphasized.. And that trio, the young Loki, the current one, and the old one.. all mesmerizing but imagine if they concentrated on how Loki felt at that time. The child that was saddened that the father preferred the other son, the older, reminiscing a life gone, and all those opportunities lost.. and the present one, more lost than ever.

  • Rave4ever

    Bait and switch garbge ... BOOO

  • Karan Thukral
    Karan Thukral

    Is it a movie or a series

    • Alencia

      Series hai, dekh le acchi hai

    • Yashvs

      It's a series and it's season 1 has already ended. You can watch it on Disney+

  • Alencia

    Cant wait😭

  • Deonte rks
    Deonte rks

    Is this worth watching?

    • Hela


    • i

      The storyline is slow but good...the thing I dont like is they make Loki look weak when he has superhuman strength

    • brawl master
      brawl master

      @Yasin Fazley stfu dc fan boi

    • brawl master
      brawl master

      Hell yeah man. Ofc worth it

    • Yasin Fazley
      Yasin Fazley


  • Segalanya HM Channel
    Segalanya HM Channel

    Loki: I am the cause of everything! Hulk: No, it's me down the stairs! 😜

  • Athithi M
    Athithi M

    Trust me when I say this....this is too good...obviously like every other marvel film

  • Arcade Legend
    Arcade Legend

    Imagine If season 2 comes and in the pre intro scene they show how loki faked his death in infinity war. Loki laughs after that, I love his laughter

  • Arcade Booster
    Arcade Booster

    After Loki and WandaVision, Thanos will be a piece of cake for the avengers.

  •  Adi Nayyar
    Adi Nayyar

    we need a season 2 trailer now

  • Hami Ahsaniyan
    Hami Ahsaniyan

    Holy mother of GOD OF MISCHIEF😂😲

  • Xay A7S
    Xay A7S

    Can't wait for loki 2 😕

  • Rc8 Rone
    Rc8 Rone

    It is extremely annoying and irritating piece of S*it and a waste of time! I actually looked forward for it, Loki The Nordic God of Mischief from 13th century in Asgård! but instead we got a guy called Loki in suit deeply engaged in time travel and all the Sci-Fi BS about time lines, paradoxes and time traveling related issues! WHY!?!?! WHYYYY!? why did you even bring Loki the Nordic God into this piece of S*it!?!?!

    • Anjali B
      Anjali B

      @Rc8 Rone Your rage is just making me laugh man. If you hate it so much just don't watch the show. There are people who love Loki in the MCU. We'll watch it.

    • Rc8 Rone
      Rc8 Rone

      Jisez what a Rtart bunch of people that just dont get it! For you, this BS Loki is just perfect because what do you know about whats what! but any reaasonable logical person would understand that Loki is already a well established character with well established back story and it is just so stupid to make him a time machine traveler instead of God of mischief as he was. Why even put Loki in this series, they could have brought new character who doesn't already have 700 years of stories abut him

    • Anjali B
      Anjali B

      If you want Norse stories then why did you even watch the show😂😂. Have you ever seen Marvel before??

    • Papa Cole
      Papa Cole

      You do know this is the Marvels Loki you dimwit😭😭😭

    • Yashvs

      Go read Norse Mythology then, Marvel isn't for you

  • John Luigi Lorenzo
    John Luigi Lorenzo

    Who's here after that GLORIOUS finale?!!

  • Hemant Kumar
    Hemant Kumar

    It's clear from Marvel's every trailer that what is being shown is not the truth.

  • Dharmendra Kumar Verma
    Dharmendra Kumar Verma


  • FAKE ArjO✓✓
    FAKE ArjO✓✓

    plz back tony starck

  • Yash Yadav
    Yash Yadav

    You know who makes loki more special. Who is Natalie Holt. Soundtrack is outstanding

  • Koranathip Sukrangsan
    Koranathip Sukrangsan

    happy to enjoy the show :) but sad because this gonna be the end :(

  • Honey Impossible
    Honey Impossible

    Who like Loki green theme???

  • Rishab Gupta
    Rishab Gupta

    i just want to try some kablooie.

    • Yashvs

      Just wait for 37 years :)

  • AKHiL പിറവം
    AKHiL പിറവം

    *You cross me, There are deadly Consequences* !!💥😍

  • Shyam T
    Shyam T

    Just extend the series want to see atleast 50 episodes

  • Alencia

    Classic loki was so badass

  • ɯƃı̣pɐɹɐԀ

    3rd episode in and it's gone all women empowerment on me, is this a recurring theme?

  • ɯƃı̣pɐɹɐԀ

    3rd episode in and the badass woman's dropped, beating up scores of men. WOKE

    • Sơn Mmmm Xuân
      Sơn Mmmm Xuân

      because the woman is a f*cking Asgardian? how about see the show as just a show rather than overthink and force in 23238 agendas that weren't even there?

    • Just a duck
      Just a duck

      I’m just gonna go ahead and assume you’re a troll

  • NINE - T - EIGHT
    NINE - T - EIGHT


  • Mathias Hoholm
    Mathias Hoholm

    Loki is lowkey loki loki lowkey is a man loki is lowkey from fortnite loki is lowkey a villian/superhero whenever loki lowkey wants

  • Guru_Ji

    I am so excited when this movie will come

  • Tien-Rwei Hou
    Tien-Rwei Hou

    Thor 1: Loki was dead Avengers 1: Loki took the Tesseract Thor 2: Loki was dead Thor 3: Loki took the Tesseract Avengers 3: Loki was dead Avengers 4: Loki took the Tesseract

    • Segalanya HM Channel
      Segalanya HM Channel

      Loki: I am the cause of everything! Hulk: No, it's me down the stairs! 😜

  • Zee

    They even cut Sylvie in some scenes here, and make some fans thinking it was black widow 😂

  • Panda

    Who's after Sylvie messed up multiverse ?

  • Hamza Malik
    Hamza Malik

    Ok Now We Really Want An Alligator Loki SpinOff

  • All in one
    All in one

    Audience: 2:06 it's Black widow.. LøKî: Hold my beer😜

  • Yash Yadav
    Yash Yadav

    Master peace and soundtrack is mind blowing

  • Alex swiftie
    Alex swiftie

    I watched all 6 episodes of loki now I have to wait for next year for season 2 😭😭I wanna cry

    • random people
      random people

      They not even filming the season 2 yet so i think that season 2 Will be released in 2023, but good news is we will see the the continued of this series in no way home and Multivese of madness because they are connected i guess.

    • Ashok Nayak
      Ashok Nayak

      Watch on Disney + hotstar

  • Alencia

    Where is the trailer music especially 2:05 Are you going to release it???

  • Fadly A. Rahman
    Fadly A. Rahman

    Do you remember long ago? When each season in a TV series is like 24 episodes long?

  • Meaghan Gallagher
    Meaghan Gallagher

    im on episode 4, and i gotta say this is a great trailer. no spoilers for any of the important stuff but still compelling

  • DieWeltIstSchlecht

    WandaVision and Loki went completely of the rails! In a good way!! Give me more!!!

  • GechlangX

    " i'll never do it again " ok.. sure bud



  • Phyliss Beebe
    Phyliss Beebe

    The lucky burst elderly mend because stinger totally escape athwart a frightened frightening full fumbling functional textbook. tiresome, shallow postage

  • Arda Zipak
    Arda Zipak

    Don't you think Tom Hiddleston can also play perfectly as "Joker"?

  • juvenastrahans

    UK what they have entered so deep in our veins that I think now u will have to continue making avengers for lifetime it's kinda addicted to all generations I say

  • AKM Edits
    AKM Edits


  • Mallory Pivato
    Mallory Pivato

    Made me fall in love with Loki even more .. can't wait for season 2 👏

  • Aafaq Ansari
    Aafaq Ansari

    I am here after all 6 episodes just to check each detail in the trailer is shown in the episodes or not.. 😁

  • Mohammed Al-battikhi
    Mohammed Al-battikhi

    I've been a DC fan all of my life up until I finished the sixth episode of the series. Marvel has created a new phenomenal experience.

  • isimYoK

    Some scenes deleted WHYYY

    • Snevets

      Yeah I noticed that too

  • isimYoK

    1:35 this scene not in the show

  • RAJA K
    RAJA K

    Pls loki tamil dubbed

  • Meet Joshi
    Meet Joshi

    dislikes are from those people who thought all this time that it was Blackwidow sitting there in the trailer.

    • Rey


  • Curious Boy
    Curious Boy

    And that's all we get to know because tony forced hulk to take stares

  • laufey

    The music is so good in the show and the end credits song choices too....i hope natalie holt comes back as composer in season 2

  • laufey

    They removed so many scenes.....i hope season 2 is great

  • Waff Shukri
    Waff Shukri

    is it just me or does anyone get the "fallout game" vibes in this series? the computer TVA use is literally like RobCo computer. and the TVA animated video about the time keeper and also the minute men.

  • N A R O
    N A R O

    I heard this show is trash.. can someone confirm?

    • N A R O
      N A R O

      @laufey thanks pal

    • laufey

      Try it....i think its best out of three they've released Its a solid 7.5/10 for me

  • Ketki Patil
    Ketki Patil

    Why sylvia was not in the trailer? She was the leading lady

    • random people
      random people

      Marvel trailer always like that to avoid the plot. That why we can't judge the series/movie just from trailer.

    • Ketki Patil
      Ketki Patil

      @Flam3Zz Film Productions ahh yeah

    • Flam3Zz Film Productions
      Flam3Zz Film Productions

      They didn’t wanna give away the plot in the trailer. The same reason why John walker wasn’t in the FATWS trailer

  • Lolli Pop
    Lolli Pop

    Harry Potter: You know Who Marvel : He who remains

  • Alencia

    The show was enjoyable overall but had many bad spots

  • Rohit Singh
    Rohit Singh


  • _𝘎𝘈𝘔𝘌𝘉𝘖¥_

    So can anyone pls tell me why did 'He who remains' a.k.a Kang, just gave away his life. I don't get that scene

    • Anjali B
      Anjali B

      He tricked them. Now his varients can come over and rule the multiverse.

    • Danial Afiq
      Danial Afiq

      it is his good variants

    • Alencia

      He was millions of years old and got bored and he technically tricked them

  • Punit Raj
    Punit Raj

    After watching the season, the tome of trailer is different from the series

  • Yk Hp edits
    Yk Hp edits

    I can finnaly watch this series and I am now at 28:24 at second episode it is going great

  • Lokesh Gangarapu
    Lokesh Gangarapu

    In some times I used to think.why so many beautiful things have this name anii.finally I realised that.why because that is loki.that name power loki is a powerful name.that name have some rare persons . they are powerful persons.iam feeling proud of this . anyways all the best. Sahasamane cheppali😌

  • The Fab Aj
    The Fab Aj

    Loki was one of the best(or the best) thing, marvel has ever produced!!!!!🔥🔥 The story, character arc, visuals, vfx, bgm, main score, acting, dialogs... Everything was just.. GLORIOUS💚

  • The Fab Aj
    The Fab Aj


    • Anjali B
      Anjali B

      Infinity stones doesn't work outside their respective universes. And no magic work in the TVA anyway. If you take the stone and go back to our universe you can do whatever you want with it.

  • Adan Fatima ✔
    Adan Fatima ✔

    Physics wallah k channel per 😅😂😁

  • piyush sethi
    piyush sethi

    It might be a movie it could be better than series

  • layla :
    layla :


    • Anjali B
      Anjali B

      They're not siblings 🙄. They are the same being. They don't have the same DNA but same soul/aura. Same with the both Laufeys.

    • Alencia

      Its a fiction, it was pretty clever cause loki is a narcissist

  • Kshitij Rawat
    Kshitij Rawat

    after watching Loki and after analyzing this trailer my theory is like: 1:25, in Loki S1, this is not how he ended up after being pruned. so this means in S2 he'll prune himself again in order to reach the void and find Sylvie or the one behind this 1:41 this scene also wasn't in the movie so one behind this could be another Loki.