Newton’s GRAVITY DEFYING Puzzle!! 😯

  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris Ramsay

    This puzzle blows...

    • Shark pog
      Shark pog

      * Disappoint*

    • C0RRUPTK1D

      @Rapido Jade He said the brown cylinder not the table

    • bean zug
      bean zug

      Just spin it

    • Peter Tran
      Peter Tran

      @Rapido Jade nah

    • SealBoi

      MY PEN-

  • Y0l0 Wind!
    Y0l0 Wind!

    Me with the finger nail trick:

  • Ankith Rathore
    Ankith Rathore

    glue: I Know I can't defeat you, but he can! *He* : Fevi qwik

  • EcoEtha

    "You cant touch the brown cylinder" Australians: *Pathetic*


    just use a stick or smth

  • Aman Khan
    Aman Khan

    Whoever named this dosen't have a clue who Newton is and how gravity works 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elise Gabriel P. Lebria
    Elise Gabriel P. Lebria

    blow it

  • Anson 0458
    Anson 0458

    i was thinking to apply some double sided tfe to the finger or something else lol

  • Fenriz Nobile
    Fenriz Nobile

    The air from your blow is technically touching the outside...

  • Soul Solstice
    Soul Solstice

    what a sad kindergartener

  • Joshua Keeling
    Joshua Keeling


  • chai thao
    chai thao

    I became Newton himself in 40 seconds.

  • Kenneth Kyle De Luna
    Kenneth Kyle De Luna

    Me: "Uses tape" Creator: *Confused Screaming*

  • RoboticMarmot15

    I bought the puzzle so i'mma touch the brown cylinder if I want

  • E_M_P_T_Y_S_P_A_C_E

    Honestly I would have just pushed the thing over by touching the Red thing's tip and then push the red thing out at the bottom ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • RavencreeperBOOM

    Me with double sided tape: i am 4 parallel universes ahead of u

  • Kylie Hoornaert
    Kylie Hoornaert

    What if you flick there’d part really hard 😂

  • Weird Anime Squad
    Weird Anime Squad

    So you blow it to pop it out nice i want one of these

  • wahyu etex
    wahyu etex

    Use glue on finger. Aha, btw: are mcgregor?

  • Lory1050

    This puzzle is forbidden in every country cuz of COVID pandemic 💁

  • Chiara

    I have long nails i think I can get it

  • Doggykh

    me: grabs the superglued stick

  • Oli Taggu
    Oli Taggu

    u could just flip the table or put something sticky on ur finger

  • Nelson Andrade
    Nelson Andrade

    Tecnología extraterrestre Reptil!!!, impresionanteeee!!!

  • Matt Langstraaat
    Matt Langstraaat


  • Beep Beep Gamer
    Beep Beep Gamer

    there could be 2 ways if the red stuff was made with another material. If it was made with iron then we could use a strong magnet to get it our without touching the wooden brown cylinder :D

  • Time Fluhr
    Time Fluhr

    Easy-est way is to turn it upside down then it drops then boom there you go

  • Devil's Den
    Devil's Den

    "You can't touch brown cylinder" me: just throw it on the ground it come outside by itself😂😂

  • Pizza

    “You can’t touch the brown cylinder” *wears gloves*

  • kuih000

    Can you use tape?

  • Danae Lowden
    Danae Lowden

    I was gunna say flip it on its side then try it

  • major_soft

    I was thinking more like flip the table and it will fall out

  • (Nab) Narisphong Leelaprachakul
    (Nab) Narisphong Leelaprachakul

    Got that 2 years ago

  • 𝔹𝕦𝕓𝕓𝕝𝕖 𝕋𝕖𝕒
    𝔹𝕦𝕓𝕓𝕝𝕖 𝕋𝕖𝕒


  • ixcymoon YT
    ixcymoon YT

    lol just tip it over with the red thing

  • Zimmer

    "you can't touch brown cylinder" Me: *the power long nails compels me*

  • chris chris
    chris chris

    Ahh yess the air displacement trick

  • Jennifer Lawlove
    Jennifer Lawlove

    He: THERE'S ONLY 1 WAY TO GET IT OUT me: very sticky glue + hand

  • Ash

    Couldn't you just tip it over and pull the red piece out?

  • Grayson Hooks
    Grayson Hooks


  • Aayush Garg
    Aayush Garg

    is that health ledger?

  • Epixl

    There’s another since the red one is like a spike flip the brown Cylander by pushing the red over and just push it out

  • Mohammad Essa
    Mohammad Essa

    I just saw this vid my friend challenged me with this puzzle right before I watched this (I finished it without seeing this vid) I was like ughh and sighed then it came off I was like WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL

  • liizzset

    Was thinking of pouring water into the sides. Or drip it into the sides. To raise the red device. To make it float. But I think the solution was ten times better.

  • Lengyel Martin
    Lengyel Martin

    Me:technically the glove isnt me

  • Hentai Protagonist
    Hentai Protagonist

    Wanted to make a clever joke comment but all of those are already in the comments so have a nice day

  • Goose lord
    Goose lord


  • PRPL b0i
    PRPL b0i

    "without touching the brown cylinder" *Touches the brown cylinder*

  • Devansh Gupta
    Devansh Gupta

    Wowooooo very nice 👌👍👏😀😍

  • Dedmos The Commenter
    Dedmos The Commenter

    People who had long nails: oh look i got it


    Take tool use tool be happy

  • smithereens

    𝒃𝒆𝒆𝒇 𝒘𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒕𝒐𝒏

  • EJBate

    Or flip it over only touching the red

  • PiXILyPixelt

    I see so u blow some wind under the red thing inside the brown tube thats smart

  • All In One Meme Content
    All In One Meme Content

    something sticky may to the job

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    "Can't touch the brown cylinder." Me with a drill bit

  • Jayden Rafa Naluis
    Jayden Rafa Naluis

    You cant touch the brown cylinder Tape and duct Tape : am i a joke to you?

  • 50% funeral for free
    50% funeral for free

    I expecting take a stick to flip it

    • 50% funeral for free
      50% funeral for free

      Then how to get the glue out

    • 50% funeral for free
      50% funeral for free


    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Put glue or something sticky on your fingers. The air you blew touched the other object. You failed.

  • 일하광월


  • Kit kat Bakugou 💥💥💥
    Kit kat Bakugou 💥💥💥

    What about tape if you put tape on it will it work

  • The Field Marshal
    The Field Marshal

    You can’t touch the brown cylinder Stalin: You mean WE can’t touch the brown cylinder, darn it! Comrade, you go to Gulag. I mean we go to...ok never mind

  • cool1_kid1

    Rules: You can’t touch the brown cylinder. Me: *Grabs gloves* Okay, then.

  • Mandeep Rai
    Mandeep Rai

    Spider Tac woulda done the job

  • Matthew Yeh
    Matthew Yeh

    this is easy just get some rope or string you technically aren't touching the cylinder

  • Emmett Barley
    Emmett Barley

    *S U C C .*

  • AtOoM-11

    Here he is with his clever idea.. *and then there is me just thinking about flipping the table..*

  • VoltzGamingRB

    Who else here felt so proud cuz you knew the answer right away? I knew the answer already

  • Kameron Hart
    Kameron Hart

    You can just glue a magnet to the red part and pull it out with another magnet

  • Mayuri Kurotsuchi
    Mayuri Kurotsuchi

    Even before you showed the solution its obvious if you blow air into it piece comes out.. Not hard at all if your iq is above 10 🙄

  • Jonah Kwon
    Jonah Kwon

    The wonders of **air pressure**

  • Plasmatic Dragon
    Plasmatic Dragon

    Can’t touch the brown cylinder. Me: How ‘bout I do anyway.

  • Googel man (DodecaBA)
    Googel man (DodecaBA)

    You can knock it off the table with something else thatks not your hands

  • Eric Camacho
    Eric Camacho

    Put glue or something sticky on your fingers. The air you blew touched the other object. You failed.

  • Red world 0_0
    Red world 0_0

    Me grabs a glove ha watcha gonna say about that I didn’t touch it

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy

    Him: most sticky hands Me with super Glue on my fingers:

  • sebastion_gg

    "like the video and subscribe" drops phone

  • Emanuel Čibarić
    Emanuel Čibarić

    Cant touch the brown cylinder Me:gets gloves

  • NX-XNE

    Pretty sure I can get that out using my nails but the actual solution is way cooler

  • Dark Plays
    Dark Plays

    My guys says in his mind ez

  • Mr. Glass
    Mr. Glass

    How is this gravity defying?

  • Ethan

    people with long nails: i am 4 parrarel universes ahead of you

  • burhtnoodles


  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    “You cant touch the Brown cylinder” Me: wheres my axe when I need it..?


    Turn the puzzle the red piece will fall

  • Paimon

    me just taking a pencil and hitting the brown cylinder as hard as i can so that the red thing comes out

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      fun fact about a fun fact about a fun fact about a fun fact about a fun fact about a fun fact about a fun fact about a fun fact about a fun fact about a fun fact about a fun fact about a

  • Leon

    That one dude who accidentally sneezed near it

  • Let's Talk Music
    Let's Talk Music

    Knew it before you revealed

  • Wei Neng Chen
    Wei Neng Chen

    Can you use sticky tapes?

  • 돌맹이

    유튜브는 나한테 뭘 보여주고 싶었던걸까

  • Daniel Such
    Daniel Such

    Gordon Ramsay be like "just flip the table"

  • Daniel Such
    Daniel Such

    Newton's been real quiet since the man blew it.

  • aarav bhaskar
    aarav bhaskar

    intellectuals: flip the table *Legends* : ask friend to flip the brown cylinder so that i can take the red piece out.

  • Dylan Holt
    Dylan Holt

    Me with sticky hands: *oh really?*

  • Skeet0420_pt1

    We all say to flip the table but what if you dont have hands

  • Chris Hantz
    Chris Hantz

    “You can’t touch the brown cylinder” Me: *flips table*

  • Gabriela Chang Ping-Nions
    Gabriela Chang Ping-Nions

    « You can’t touch the brown cylinder » Me : *covers my hands »

  • Dusk278

    I can glue my finger tips to the red piece and I win

  • A_persons_weird_life🌍

    Me: *gasp* Nails… Long, nails!!!! I solved the case! 😃

  • PJ Masks
    PJ Masks


  • Luca Paguro
    Luca Paguro

    Wheres Gordon?