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/ P NATION's RSK Interview / by / RollingStone Korea /

Finally, P NATION and Rolling Stone Korea have met together for an interview!
Check out RSK's exclusive interview from PSY, Jessi, Hyun A, Dawn, Heize, and D.Ark, as they share their stories about their music and their career.

피네이션과 롤링스톤 코리아가 드디어 만났습니다.
싸이, 제시, 현아, 던, 헤이즈, 디아크가 들려주는 음악 이야기를 RSK 영상을 통해 확인하세요!

피네이션의 더 많은 이야기가 담긴 롤링스톤 코리아 창간호는 롤링스톤 코리아 자사몰을 비롯한 인터넷 서점에서 구매가능합니다!

▶️ Time Stamp
00:00 Intro
00:35 PSY(싸이)
03:45 JESSI(제시)
06:57 HYUN A(현아)
12:06 DAWN(던)
16:13 HEIZE(헤이즈)
19:53 D.ARK(디아크)

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  • Zhi_zhi

    0:38 싸이 3:58 제시 7:00 현아 12:10 던 16:15 헤이즈 19:56 디아크 피네이션 너무 좋아요😭 항상 화이팅이에요

    • Ninda Candra Rini
      Ninda Candra Rini


  • nora hk
    nora hk

    Psy is among a few korean celebrities who's actually good in English 🤩👍🏻

  • Kharisma Larabhakti Mayorette
    Kharisma Larabhakti Mayorette

    i could see dawns sincerity, so clear

  • Rodrigo Fernety
    Rodrigo Fernety

    Heize is so big in corea, I didn't expect to seen her here LMAO psy must be paying a lot and giving them a lot of free will

  • baZzz iə
    baZzz iə


  • PJO

    P Nation is like the Umbrella Academy of K-pop

  • iamhuydamn

    a legend, a Kpop icon!!!! Yes she really is, queen HyunA is everythingggg👑👑👑👑

  • 아베노

    우와 피네이션 진짜 작지만 알차다

  • Summer Bell
    Summer Bell

    I always forget that PSY is fluent in English.

  • Ivy

    I am literally falling for that outfit jessi is wearing.... She is the queen👸

  • •《Fani Kim 🥟》•
    •《Fani Kim 🥟》•

    Ya lo dije y lo seguiré diciendo *Dawn y Hyuna the best couple* (O en español *Dawn y Hyuna la mejor pareja* )

  • 2519 sung
    2519 sung

    여기에 이제 스윙스까지 와우! 피네이션 갈수록 거대해지네

  • Gloria Manggalagita
    Gloria Manggalagita

    I need PSY come back somehow.. We need something to dance in 2021 just like Gangnam style

  • lita

    if you ask me, pnation is the best company in kpop. having such unproblematic and unique artists like heize, jessi, hyuna and dawn is such a benefit for psy's image. i personally ult heize, she's my favourite person ever & i love how chill and fown to earth she is. she's also unfairly talented & one of the best voices in the music industry. psy was so lucky she chose him out of all companies and heize was lucky psy wanted to sign a contract with her!

  • 미욤잉

    디아크가 미래다

  • shaline samuel
    shaline samuel

    I'm so happy for this label. They are completely different and understanding towards artists.

  • Goddess Yoona
    Goddess Yoona

    OMG! i freaking love every Member in P nation, including the CEO Psy 👏🏽💗

  • Lillie Aubin
    Lillie Aubin

    I can't wait to see more interactions between the artists I have a feeling it's going to be really cute

  • nutella no nut
    nutella no nut

    i learn a lot from jessi

  • if you're a female, marry me🧎‍♀️
    if you're a female, marry me🧎‍♀️


  • Flávio

    where's crush😞

  • sneaks peaks
    sneaks peaks

    I appreciate that psy did it in English even if his answers are scripted it's the effort he put in when he could've just responded in Korean.

    • k enelaz
      k enelaz

      hes fluent in english

  • DoMiNiQuE

    P Nation has been collecting all my favs and the only ones that really had something to do with each other is HyunA and Dawn I mean Jessi and Heize both did unpretty but were only on one episode together then there is Crush who I'm so sad couldn't be in this but I hope they'll do more photo shoots together and I definitely need to check out D.Ark ....Jeff interview style is him trying to sound friendly I guess yet professional but I think he needs to work on just sounding natural 😅 you did your best 👍

  • Patricia Miranda
    Patricia Miranda

    Why everyone is talking about jeffffffff let's talk about p nation insted

  • supercheetah

    It's such a breath of fresh air to see a company let their artists be honest with the world about who they are and what they are doing, and a CEO that's so supportive of that.

  • winutha


  • amy le
    amy le

    Ahhh the awkwardnesss of the interviewer lol! Ive seeen other interviews with him before but it wasnt this awkward 🤣! "Good answer!" " coool!" Lol! Wouldve liked a more variety of questions though

  • Yossarian Mw
    Yossarian Mw

    Hold up.. where is crush ?!

  • Laura Gomes
    Laura Gomes

    psy its the uncle everyone wants

  • jasmin cooray
    jasmin cooray

    Hyuna and Dawn are the best couple in the K-pop industry. They r so cute together♥️

  • yeonjun enthusiast
    yeonjun enthusiast

    i cant explain but jessi just looks so so expensive

  • leila


  • kiryuzu ๏_๏
    kiryuzu ๏_๏

    My queen jesi

  • lizzie pringle music
    lizzie pringle music

    wait. i never knew he spoke english. bestie u go girl

  • Former gifted kid but here I am
    Former gifted kid but here I am

    Someone: breathes Jeff: cool, cool, great, great answer, that was amazing, I'm so glad, nice chatting we had huh see ya next time That someone: y...yeah 너무 재밌었어요, so fun, yeah.. next time ...

  • Dewi Aprilia
    Dewi Aprilia

    Where is Lee Hyori


    P' NATION should be the model company for giving the artists an artistic freedom. Kpop label shouldn't manufacture idol but nurture artist.

  • julie

    i am so sorry but the interviewer just made it so awkward with his forced reactions

  • whatever lol
    whatever lol

    I'm rooting for P-Nation after Hype labels🙌 yeah.


    i can feel the strong vibes of P Nation!!!

  • Kia Morais teka
    Kia Morais teka

    It was a very embarrassing yet interesting interview 😂

  • Crazyyym8

    Legit so many Queens and Kings in one company! And I really think Jeff did great, it’s normal to be nervous! ^-^

  • Megan Brown
    Megan Brown

    Yes 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Suba S
    Suba S

    Am impressed with pnation when I see their website mentioned as"NO AGE LIMIT AND NO NATIONALITY PREFERENCE" it's really impressed me and from that moment I have a huge respect to PSY...this what the leader should do to change the way of things going...and a big fan of Hyuna and Jessi 😍

  • Zoop

    all i want is psy's smooth skin ;-;

  • smol bean
    smol bean

    lmao psy is who jyp wishes he was

  • Deborah Roj
    Deborah Roj

    Heize is so soft and mesmerizing. Automatically stan.

  • efgs lf
    efgs lf

    Jessi 💜💜💜😭😭😭

  • Adovian

    Not Mr. Gangnam Style like this man don’t have hits with an ‘S’😅 All jokes aside this is HUGE! 🙌🏽💐

  • Gisele Souza
    Gisele Souza

    Eu fico tão feliz pelo fato da hyuna e do Dwan estar na PNATION 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💜all companies should look to pnation! they are really like a big family 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🇧🇷

  • aso imchen
    aso imchen

    Why Crush is not a part of this??

    • natasha

      @aso imchen its okay 😁

    • aso imchen
      aso imchen

      @natasha oh!! Thank you for the reply...

    • natasha

      He is in the military

  • Tiphanie Oakerman
    Tiphanie Oakerman

    I really love the way PNation artist unapologetically express themselves fashion wise and with the things they say. They all feel so genuine and its seems like such a great energy in their label.

  • delliebby

    Hyuna, my queen

  • Beauty Cookie
    Beauty Cookie

    LOVE P NATION Families! Go P Nation, Go, Rolling Stone!😸💥

  • chellehui

    psy's coming?? yey 🎉

  • avi

    im so glad pnation exists ❤️

  • Clara Loona
    Clara Loona

    Reading all the comments, am I the only one who thinks that Jeff did a great job? First of all, it was early in the morning, he had to conduct a lot of interviews on the same night, and compared to other interviewers, he knows what he's talking about. I think you did a great job Jeff!

  • HiThere ItsNics
    HiThere ItsNics

    I didn't know psy could speak English so well! I'm pleasantly surprised 💕

  • ラヤ

    PSY, Mr. P Nation Or Mr. PSY of Pnation 🐸

  • Li Xiu
    Li Xiu


  • phatasm24

    At the rate this is going, Jessi and Hyuna will be made directors of Pnation in no time. That is if they feel strongly about the company's goal and objective and if they accept being in a managerial position.

  • zeynep durusoy
    zeynep durusoy

    I had no idea that psy can speak English He is gooooood

    • klynb

      He went to college in Boston.

    • ᓚᘏᗢ소호

      you should totally watch the kimmel interview he did with snoop 😆

  • Aleena Manoj
    Aleena Manoj


  • Constanca Gavino
    Constanca Gavino

    I loce PNation but this interview is so choppy, why couldn't they find a Korean interviewer and make it more fluid? PNation should do it on Showterview

  • Bla Ba
    Bla Ba


  • Ana Zarza
    Ana Zarza

    Jeff lowkey in love with Heize. 🤭

  • zaprude

    Benjamin was so redundant in this interview. He said the same things to every artist and asked the same questions over and over. He was so distracting. It would have been better to just let the artists talk straight to the camera and using the questions as prompts.

  • zara t
    zara t

    love Pnation 💕

  • Dms Sag
    Dms Sag

    Idk why ppl are coming for Jeff it’s always going to have some level of awkwardness with language barrier and add doing this while not being in the same room can be rather difficult.


    where is chrush?

    • jarta lol
      jarta lol

      He's been in military since nov 2020?

  • Nastia Pryshlak
    Nastia Pryshlak

    I like this so much, mo opportunities to Pnation, stan our artists

  • piyaasha

    dawn looks so cute eiewdkwhkejfheukheue

  • K

    As someone who strives to be an interviewer/tv personality(talk show host), I can understand how Jeff must’ve been feeling. He had to juggle so much most probably, time being the main factor and also having to interview that many artists all at once. It’s extremely overwhelming because you have to fit everything into a certain time frame and schedule. He did amazing in the interview. Everyone saying saying he was awkward does not understand the immense pressure of having to work that fast paced. Yes he was awkward, I won’t deny it but like I said, it’s because of the circumstances and all the other little things that add up to his interview. He for sure wasn’t awkward when it came to Psy, Jessi and Heize. Well done to home again. Rolling Stone this was a brilliant interview.

  • K

    I assume this was planned and prepared ages ago or not, but like, where’s Crush, Swings, Penomeco at? I mean if you do P Nation, you gotta do all the artists right? I’m kinda disappointed. Still liked it though.

    • K

      @jarta lol ah yes, I remember reading about that. He went in around November last year if I’m not mistaken.

    • jarta lol
      jarta lol

      Idk about the other 2 but apparently crush is currently in military since nov 2020

  • w0r3n4


  • Sam

    I like how Psy is changing the game. P Nation deserves a lot of success. Awesome artists, they deserve all the best!

  • Rosy Rose
    Rosy Rose

    D ark ❤️

  • s. g.
    s. g.

    I love jessi!

  • Snowball Channel
    Snowball Channel

    Love this interview.

  • jinkimjoon

    P NATION has the best group of solo artists! If PSY ever makes an idol group I think they will be really great!


      New bg coming this year

    • Clara Gerhardt David
      Clara Gerhardt David

      @Nuni Zoe WHAT

    • Bob the Builder Day6 Leader
      Bob the Builder Day6 Leader

      @Nuni Zoe Omg wow. Can't wait for that powerhouse.

    • Nuni Zoe
      Nuni Zoe

      Search for loud on Instagram or PLeyes he is debuting a group soon

  • jinkimjoon

    P NATION!!! missing crush (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

  • Akhila Jerripothula
    Akhila Jerripothula

    Lol this interview was so awkward

  • Sean Morris
    Sean Morris

    YASS we need new PSY music definitely!!!

  • América's life
    América's life

    Psy having a new song? Wow 😍

  • Myriam Dumas
    Myriam Dumas

    Dawn is killing me with his new hair style. It fits him so well!

  • Naed Franco
    Naed Franco

    I'm sorry but, I'm not convinced with Jeff's reactions, he don't feel real

  • Alexa Ch.
    Alexa Ch.

    I love PNation: Psy oppa, Jessie, Hyuna and Dawn!!!!!! ❤

  • Yoohyeons Bangs
    Yoohyeons Bangs

    Where’s crush?😭

    • Yoohyeons Bangs
      Yoohyeons Bangs

      @jarta lol wait when did he enlist I didn’t see anything abt it😳

    • jarta lol
      jarta lol

      In military


    Wow. The power this agency holds.

  • Kalindi ii
    Kalindi ii

    Heize being surprised by the compliments helllooo ma'am, you are one the best soloist

  • M S
    M S

    Penomeco 🥺

  • khushal

    Waiting for p nation to release a boy or a girl band

  • skyez

    invite aomg next pls 👍🏻

  • Gabby Santiago
    Gabby Santiago

    jeff was so awkward 😭😭 but this interview was cutee

  • Noraida Osm
    Noraida Osm


  • gm

    D.ARK!!! 🙌🏼

  • Nevermind It's Sin
    Nevermind It's Sin

    The lack of penomeco and crush in this interview is killing me

    • hy.n

      @Rose Marie if im not wrong around April?

    • Rose Marie
      Rose Marie

      Penomeco joined? When? I didn’t know that I’m so happy!

    • Daniel Zhou
      Daniel Zhou

      @hy.n yeah he's really really new so that's prolly why

    • hy.n

      Crush is because he is in military and for penomeco i think when they film this episode he hasn’t sign with pnation yet

    • ratih dwi zulya
      ratih dwi zulya

      @jarta lol really??? Oh that's why

  • alonso gomez
    alonso gomez

    hyuna minha rainha❤❤❤

  • L Narenkumar
    L Narenkumar

    The best part of PNation is they have 1/3 of FXCD under them

  • 영재김