Weird Facts about Male Body

  • DjDimitriZreborn YT
    DjDimitriZreborn YT

    Who as a male did not know a single on of these?

  • Chetanya Mundachali
    Chetanya Mundachali

    When I was younger during College days, I had strong body. Now dat I'm 27 my body has become very weak. How so?

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C

    Y’all are pathetic asf for evening bringing to light people being “offended”

  • Chr1stown

    Song at 10:10?


    Nothing is safe from kyles mom not even science lol

  • Donesyboy

    But what if you're a grower AND a shower? Asking for a *friend*

  • KinGodzilla

    Glad to be male

  • Gurkeerat Sahi
    Gurkeerat Sahi

    the spacial awereness thing has been proven on the tv show, brain games more than once, so the neurosexism people are most likely just sour feminists.

  • Sinan Ergin
    Sinan Ergin

    You really believe that the human body this amazing creature come to being by chance and by accident? No way it could be by chance impossible, alright then the male human by chance what about the female being and the way how reproduction works? How could that come to being by chance lets assume humans are not created and come to life by chance etc like the 'theory of evolution' tells us to be, how did the same thing by chance happen over and over again in the animal kingdom? You really making mockery about something who has clearly created all of this, you know what charles dawkins had to say about how the first living cel,molecule or whatever it might called he was asked about how the first life came to existence you what the world famous bioligist sir dawkins how he replied that question? By all darwinian means he said probably a far highly civilised allien race somewhere in the universe should have brought live to earth, siriously that's what he said. Do you believe such imbicility 🤣😅 I dont so why repeatedly talking about the so called evolution theory what as now still considered to be a theory and not a fact

  • Zone gaming
    Zone gaming

    This was rather amusing

  • MannyStayTrill

    Men R better. Shoot me.

  • JO-E

    The info graphic: you are a fighting machine Me: canon scooter

  • Wihanga Sathsara
    Wihanga Sathsara

    This is BIOLOGY NOT FEMINIST snow flake LOGIC

  • Bacon Hair
    Bacon Hair

    "Some men walk around with great big dongs, and others walk around with a lip balm in their pants." -The Infographics Show, 2021-2021

  • LEmini BILLY
    LEmini BILLY

    In 0:45 second, the average twitter feminist ragequit

  • P B
    P B

    What kind of scientist thinks of terms like "neurosexism"? Feminist poetrists, gender studies absolvents?

  • someintrovert • 11 years ago
    someintrovert • 11 years ago

    Male and female are different so don't get offended by this.there's really no reason to be offended by this

  • x.aozora.x

    women talk more than men its a proven fact

  • a gay guy with ur credit card information
    a gay guy with ur credit card information

    Him:ur born with it and it will stay with you for the rest of ur life Yrans people:

  • Nato Nato
    Nato Nato

    Thank u for not mentioning blacks 1:38

  • Liz DeStefano
    Liz DeStefano

    Love your videos, this was very interesting! LOL I love the ones who dislike these videos and who maybe "Offende" 🤣😂 facts don't lie and don't hide vs lies to make you feel better! Come one people! This guy did his homework and he even said on somethings he doesn't know and it's a theory!

  • Reduminati👹👿


  • Southslice

    "it's a hard worker and it does the night shift"- this is honestly brilliant wording for the subject being discussed. The context can be taken several ways and all are true.

  • Mads Schatz-Jakobsen
    Mads Schatz-Jakobsen

    Lot of people complaining about people getting offended. Don't see a lot of people getting offended tho idk

  • Android Gamers
    Android Gamers

    sri lanka

  • Lynn Brown
    Lynn Brown

    Men are weird and you guys drive us crazy BUT we love you & can't live without you 💗🥰🤩💌

  • Aryan Madhup 1324
    Aryan Madhup 1324

    Neurosexism! REALLY!?!

  • I AM
    I AM

    Yet they still whine about being equal 🥱

  • Isaac Kyaga
    Isaac Kyaga

    Wow! This was interesting👍


    Dislikers 1.5k women

  • Rich

    90% of the comments are talking about people getting offended…nobody is offended

  • Alexander Stoev
    Alexander Stoev

    we are sorry if facts offend you YOU HAVE PROVOKED A WAR

  • CARL Hendson
    CARL Hendson

    6:38 what is cj doing here

  • harald goffart
    harald goffart

    The youtube algorithm is...strange

  • FN

    "Neurosexism" my god , in some ways we evolved backwards.

    • ashlee

      how is it bad

  • Luíza Nunes
    Luíza Nunes

    98% of comments are from angry men complaining about "angry women in the comments just cause men are much better than them bohoo". The other 2% are dick jokes. Regardless of who has a higher IQ, those 2% are certainly above those 98% lol

  • Its_FU3G0

    4:48 tho... Is how he said it xD

  • Dayle Bright
    Dayle Bright


  • Dayle Bright
    Dayle Bright


  • tzixas

    whats that ticking sound on the background?

  • ImShogun

    “There designed to lay a bunch of eggs” *Shows a picture of elephants…

  • CandleTV

    Thats exactly how I attract my females, shouting my lungs out!

  • Avocado Toast
    Avocado Toast

    This guy had to walk on egg shells for this video but on the female one he could just speak freely. This says a lot about society (or at least the loud, toxic minority known as Twitter)

  • Alan Withington
    Alan Withington

    Women can see different shades than men have you ever had a woman ask you do you like the shad of white it's egg shell or this one off white. I'm like it's white I can't tell the difference lol

  • Zivo AZR
    Zivo AZR

    For the first 20 seconds, I don't think he's talking about the male body ...

  • Marcel Piskor
    Marcel Piskor

    Neurosexism XDD soon the world will run of the things that are sexist and racist

  • ragnorock cookie
    ragnorock cookie

    Noo he just wink 8:35 😭🤣

  • Wojtek Gawuc
    Wojtek Gawuc

    U are too politically correct u never said on average on the female body things its either better or worse your making these videos to inform not to please the females

  • not a cat
    not a cat

    "women are more attracted to totally bald men than those with hair" Me, being into femboys - ...

    • Olivet

      few hair*

  • Inwe David
    Inwe David

    Men brain are bigger in average because men are bigger that woman, but brain is the same size in men and female when they are of the same size, also a bigger women will have a bigger brain than a smaller man. Just think of it when you meet someone bigger than you, his brain is bigger.

  • Tushar Solanki
    Tushar Solanki

    For those who got offended Facts > Feeling

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith

    Woah woah woah... who you calling male

  • Ross With No Sauce
    Ross With No Sauce

    3:10 yes, i am indeed painfully aware…

  • Bright Art
    Bright Art

    It's really interesting to see all those differences and similarities between male and female biology. The human body keeps surprising me. I just want to make comments on all videos that I watch to practice my broken English. Just ignore what I just said and you'll be fine.

  • Oldemiro Juliasse
    Oldemiro Juliasse

    2:20 Oh yah XD

  • Marsel De Chumavoy
    Marsel De Chumavoy

    3:21 she's not in a mood

  • CRINGE tube
    CRINGE tube

    I swear I just saw a buff Dhar Mann

  • S G
    S G

    Liberals (Progressives) : follow science! Liberals (Progressives): Not when it goes against OUR FEELINGS!

    • S G
      S G

      @Andres T I’m conservative and not Christian! Now what? Listen to Malcolm X speech on political tricks. Live Free or Die!

    • Andres T
      Andres T

      conservatives (religious): biology doesn't lie conservatives (religious) when biology claims that a man cannot turn water into wine, that a man can t walk on water, and when biology discovers that the earth is many more millions of years old than the Bible claims, etc: science is a lie. Anyway, the double standard exists regardless of your political position

  • ColinCartoons

    Ofc it weird male body it’s simple and less detailed and has lines around it?


    This video is so informative thanks for uploading

  • Alfonso Mena
    Alfonso Mena

    Don't create a DNA tie with me

  • Preeth Praveen Raj
    Preeth Praveen Raj

    I know every Indian's must be feeling proud after seen that 94 year old guy story 😂 I'm an Indian too😝

  • ryanv0817

    everyone who disliked is a female or a loser

  • Jim Mea
    Jim Mea

    It doesn’t matter what gender they are, anyone who coins “neurosexism” an issue obviously came up with it to account for a discrepancy in their own gene pool

  • Doublenoff Berky?
    Doublenoff Berky?

    Women race didn't like that


    bald men are more attractive.... jhony sins : and i took that personally

    • Lucky Strike
      Lucky Strike

      The writer and/or narrator are probably bald guys

  • Just a Gamer
    Just a Gamer

    I thought the intro was about something else on the body 😳😳

  • Tigerman Prevatt
    Tigerman Prevatt

    I'm going to become a boxer

  • DeanOfGameStudies

    Just from basic functional stand point why wouldn't men and womens brains be different on avg. We have different bodies and traditionally done different taskes throughout our evolutionary journey. Its like expecting different different type and brand of equipment to run the same software.

  • paulneedsticker

    Pov: your looking for a females comment

  • Caleb Norris
    Caleb Norris

    Wait till you find out what the female body does every month !

  • basir ed
    basir ed

    I only heard 2 gender in this video and thats good

  • Robin Nilsson
    Robin Nilsson

    Me: Men are average stronger than women Offended feminist: You heat women and eat babies

  • Noob

    Any information about how men are better than women can't really be published in it's fullness at this time, because men have to be reduced, in order to force equality. Same with this video, there are lots of left out information and it's bad. It's almost like men have to be forced to think they are inferior despite all of their great achievements. This is evil. Boys should raised as kings and girls as Queens. No one should he reduced even if they are flourishing

  • Noob

    So a scientific video on facts about men and talking about areas where men are better than women has to be censored, done with caution, and a huge part of it has to be about women in order to pacify some fragile people? But none of this was done on the version that praises women's natural blessings. Something is wrong with the west and it's anti-male culture

    • Vanguard King BT
      Vanguard King BT

      If your feelings are hurt you should leave

  • Parker Florence
    Parker Florence

    You shouldn’t be offended by science

    • Andres T
      Andres T

      tell that to the religious people, when science has already discovered that the earth is many more years old than the bible claims.

  • Space Midget
    Space Midget

    its sad you have to tip toe around scientific facts so you dont offend people

  • Justin Hawes
    Justin Hawes

    "we don't wanna offend anyone" bro it's biology, just lay out the facts and move on

  • Bunny Kim
    Bunny Kim

    I'm the skinniest thing on the planet yet I still feel more heat than most people around me ...but also vice versa for some reason

  • TaineTaine

    3:36 Iwas playing xplane while watching this and when I took of from the runway this happed

  • Cipher Ninja
    Cipher Ninja

    Wait so stimulation can occur when taking a dump?


    Well how ever im build i actually like it

  • MobileGaming Turtle
    MobileGaming Turtle

    The beginning made me think he was talking about somthing els

  • An Elite Ultra
    An Elite Ultra

    2:43 you didn’t have to use a Zach Hadel scream right here

  • Crash1mill

    And infant circumcision is mutilation.

  • yiuyiuyiuyou -
    yiuyiuyiuyou -

    Everyone brain: u are sus


    i learn more here than at school

  • LOLacer OW, Osu
    LOLacer OW, Osu

    this is just plain sexist

    • juicy water
      juicy water

      @LOLacer OW, Osu im not readin too long

    • Narno Narno
      Narno Narno

      @Chance Grade I think they are just trolling

    • Chance Grade
      Chance Grade

      You do realize that naturally men are stronger than women, here’s an example, if a girl and boy, same age, race, parents do the exact same physical stuff, the man will be stronger than the woman, it’s not sexist, it’s facts.

    • LOLacer OW, Osu
      LOLacer OW, Osu

      @Werty also claiming masculinity is attractive at all as a more feminine man my self i don't see the attraction, please should be able to feel that they don't have to fit in the box of look at me so masculine its cringe.

    • LOLacer OW, Osu
      LOLacer OW, Osu

      @Werty full disclose i do understand that certain tasks are done better with different body builds men, this is basically Incel and flawed gender studies science.

  • LOLacer OW, Osu
    LOLacer OW, Osu

    not very progressive wow

    • Charles Jr. Pike
      Charles Jr. Pike

      It's not intended to be progressive-- it's meant to be informative

  • Atharva Dahibhate
    Atharva Dahibhate

    All l am seeing is comments about how women are offended yet there are hardly any offended comments

  • TacHyoNic

    Neruosexism lol to the twitter we gooo

  • Vince Phoenix
    Vince Phoenix

    You can't answer to someone saying "neurosexism" by saying "facts", because the person you are talking to actually use "feelings" as a way of "thinking".

  • Yes Yes
    Yes Yes

    every man has a muscle mode you just need to activate it thru metabolism (and flexing too)

  • DadaFlicKer

    Men and women are not the same..!! End of.

  • Iain Muir
    Iain Muir

    The tabula rasa is an emotive argument rather than a fact-based one. It's almost religious.

  • EMi-CHERiE

    don't mind me, just questioning why I came to watch this as someone who is biologically female

  • Razvan Boghi
    Razvan Boghi

    We're different but equal. Compliment each other like the Ying &Yang symbol! It takes both halves to create the ultimate expression of Mankind! Nobody is complete!

  • A Kanji
    A Kanji

    This is heresy in 2021

  • Kavin Saravanan
    Kavin Saravanan

    The 1.5k dislikes are probably from pressed feminists lol

  • HainBach


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